Bridges & Gates: Full Moon in Gemini

Paradigm shifts, rites of passage, movement and travel, bridging the gaps between vantage points, and linking people or places via communication or information exchange – these are all likely to be major themes at the Full Moon in Gemini.

Given all of this, I think it interesting that the Full Moon takes place on 12/12, which from a numerological point of view, can not only be seen as a number that marries opposites (1 = yang/masculine + 2 = yin/feminine energy), but can also be reduced to the number 3, which is the number in sacred geometry that creates a triangle from a straight line. Not only does this (literally!) add another dimension to the equation, but it also creates harmony and balance from two warring/polarised energies.

The moral of the story: the next two weeks is likely to be a busy, eventful time filled with travel, communications and exchanges of information. But, with Venus forming a triple conjunction to Saturn and Pluto between the 11th and 13th, it is also likely to be crunch time for decisions – a personal crossroads on many levels, when we are being asked to narrow down our options and cut back what is dead/dying in order to pursue what we really want/value.

The best way to visualise this Full Moon is to think about thresholds and doorways – just like the High Priestess card in the tarot. When you come to a major crossroads, as you are likely to do over the next two weeks, it is important to decide whether you want to build a bridge or close a gate. Essentially, Gemini is a twin sign = a fork in the road – deciding between two options or ways to go. Who/what you decide to let in or build up, or close down/keep out is up to you. But choose you must.

In this respect, it’s worth noting that in ancient folklore, the December Full Moon is known as the Cold Moon. From a symbolic point of view, this seems to emphasize the fact that Gemini is an air – not a water – sign. This points to the need to keep a calm head during what is usually an emotionally-charged time.

This probably because there will be a lot of trickster energy around (the Full Moon will be making a T-square to Neptune). So it will very be important to take your time and keep your wits about you so that you don’t fall for Mercurial/Neptunian ‘smoke and mirrors.’.

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