2020 Eclipse Season starts early…

December’s Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is all about transformation, transmutation and change with a capital C! Not only does it begin a brand new six month soli-lunar cycle that will take us all into 2020, but it also sets the tone for the collective masculine and feminine energies as we enter a brand new decade!

It’s time to set your intentions and plant those seeds for what you want to grow for the next six months. With the Sun and Moon in ambitious Capricorn, it’s time to switch your focus away from relationship dynamics and self-care, to career and the coins.

The time for unhealthy co-dependency is well and truly over – self-sufficiency and financial abundance is where things are at betwee now and the June 2020 solstice.

Thanks to Jupiter, there is some very fortunate and expansive energy tied into the signature of this eclipse, making it excellent for expanding your horizons and boosting confidence levels.

If you’ve been feeling a little tired, off-centre or just a bit meh, then this is the injection of oomph you’ve been waiting for. Boom! You are back!

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