Aquarius New Moon: Finding Your Tribe

Friday’s Aquarius New Moon marks the start of a more emotionally detached, collaborative four week cycle that urges us to focus on connection, collaboration and community.

This brand new cycle will draw a line under the emotionally intense energy of the last two weeks that began with the Cancer Lunar Eclipse on January 10 2020. See this move from water to air energy as an opportunity to detach a little from the emotional depths of the subconcious and take a helicopter view of situations.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign associated with team effort, philanthropy, idealism as well as friendship and group efforts. See this as your green light to seek out more likeminded individuals with whom you resonate. It’s time to live more in line with your values and principles – and to identify where you can use your unique talents or perspectives to benefit the wider world.

Find out more in my latest video forecast on YouTube.

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