Black Moon Lilith into Aries

Black Moon Lilith is an astrological point of power, much like the lunar nodes that represents the place in the Moon’s elliptical orbit that is furthest away from the Earth during the synodic month.

She represents the archetype of wild, untamed feminine power – the part that is often simultaneously feared, admired and villified. I have come to know her as the snake/dragon goddess.

In astrology, she reveals both our hidden power and our shadow sides: our inner witch, seductress and elemental, instinctual nature, but also our inner bitch, schemer and manipulator.

As a lunar archetype, she shares similarities with the south node (Ketu in Vedic astrology). However, rather than representing karma, she instead represents those areas where we tend to self-destruct or need to develop emotional maturity.

This month, Black Moon Lilith will ingress into Aries, where she will continue her year-long intimate dance with Chiron, the centaur associated with the (male) shaman or wounded healer, which has been ongoing since September 2019.

On one hand, this has the potential to be a very healing and empowering time, particularly in relatinships. It’s great for stepping into your sexual power, becoming more in tune with your body, accessing your inner healing wisdom or learning to trust your instincts. Using rage to motivate you into enforcing your boundaries better or leaving behind toxic relationship patterns is a positive expression of this energy.

On the other hand, this transit, which lasts until 21 October, could be quite triggering for some. Projection of shadow emotions such as rage, spite or the need to fight or dominate others, is a distinct possibility, especially when it comes to relationships. Passive aggressive behaviour is another way this energy could work negatively.

The key to navigating this transit successfully is to own your bullshit and take responsibility for your emotions.

Practising mindfulness so you don’t act out unconsciously, finding constructive ways to assert your emotional needs and developing good psychological boundaries are important, especially when others try to project their stuff onto you.

Finding cathartic outlets for destructive emotions like anger through exercise or visiting a rage room are also good ideas.

I touched on these themes in my extended Aquarius Full New Moon forecast, for those who are interested. Currently this is only available to members. If you’d like access, then consider subscribing.

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