Fierce & Fiesty: Venus in Aries

Planet of love, creativity and luxury, Venus ingressed into Aries on 7 February where she’ll remain until early March 2020.

This shift in energy from romantic, fairytale Pisces to fiery and self-assured Aries is likely to colour the month of love with bright, bold red brushstrokes.

Out is the maiden/damsel-in-distress waiting for her knight in shining armour to grace her with his attention/shower her with gifts. Instead, the feminine romantic archetype is choosing to put self-awareness, self-love and self-respect first. Self-love has never looked so sexy!

This newfound sense of purpose and direction means that the feminine archetype, much like Joan of Arc, will not be afraid to wield the sword of truth where necessary in order to clarify her boundaries or cut out any BS/energy leakage/time wasters from her reality. This is fierce, feisty cardinal fire energy at its most unapologetic.

Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2020!

In many ways, Venus’ ingress is a continuation of the themes of feminine empowerment begun with Black Moon Lilith’s ingress into Aries, leading to the healing of some deep and very old wounds concerning misogyny and the misuse/abuse of feminine sexuality, via a healing dance with shaman centaur, Chiron.

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