Keep going: Mars into Capricorn

On Sunday, Mars will ingress into ambitious Capricorn where it’ll remain until the end of March.

Use this exalted combination to further your goals and make tangible progress towards building that empire you so desire, or those plans you set into motion at the Capricorn solar eclipse back in December 2019.

The key is to think long-term, make a plan and then execute it with discipline and consistency. If you take concrete action now, you can accomplish great things. And more importantly, things that have staying power.

As I said in my Full Moon forecast, Mars is likely to be our saving grace during 2020 Pisces season. With Mercury also retrograde in said sign, the way forward could become a little unclear.

However, the message from Mars is: No matter how murky or confusing things get in your mind, just keep moving forward. Determination and slow, steady progress are what will help you get through what could otherwise turn into a tiring and doubt-riddled period.

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