Going with the Flow: New Moon in Pisces

February’s New Moon takes place in sensitive and mystical sign of the fishes.

Occuring at both the height of Pisces – AND Mercury retrograde – season, this new lunar cycle offers us the chance to slow down, go within and release any residual emotions or left-over baggage from January’s purge (or Supermoon drama) while the pace of life is slower and we have more space for downtime.

It’s also a great time to go on retreat or visit a spa – spending time in nature, especially near water will help you to recharge your batteries and recalibrate your inner compass before the action and pace of Aries season begins.

Finetuning your intuition and seeing past situations in a more positive light are two of the gifts of this particular waxing moon phase, thanks to the Jupiter-Neptune sextile.

If you’re in danger of losing momentum or being sucked back into old addictive patterns of behaviour or toxic situations due to loneliness, fear or hopelessness, the good news is that a Mars-Uranus trine – which factors into this month’s New Moon – is designed to restore our faith in the cosmos and help to keep us all on track with regards to eclipse goals or New Year’s Resolutions.

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