Coming Home: Venus in Taurus

Venus, planet of love, creativity and abundance, will ingress into earthy and fertile Taurus on 5 March. The shift from her detrimented position in Aries to her ‘throne’ in Taurus will be marked.

Advice for leveraging this energy include:

  • Take things slow – no need to rush. Take your time and be methodical when it comes to money plans and new relationships. Think Knight of Pentacles energy.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel – Tried and tested methods, and old-fashioned/traditional processes forcreating, courting or earning the coins are the way to go.
  • Stability and consistency are key – get grounded and keep steadily plugging away at things. Persistence and patience will yield results.

This is wonderfully abundant and stable energy, which should come as a relief after the vampy, but rather me-centered energy of Aries.

It’s time to come home to the natural expression of Venus on the earth plane – beauty, warmth, pleasure and sensuality. This is a time when the seeds you planted at the solar eclipse on Dec 26 are likely to start bearing fruit.

Find out more in my latest video forecast.

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