Exercising Discernment: SuperMoon in Virgo

As we head towards next week’s Supermoon in health-conscious Virgo, it’s possible that we could also see a spike in mass hysteria with regard to the coronavirus.

This is because the Sun will be orbiting close to nebulous Neptune, which can lead to wild speculation and flights of fancy – or a spike in nameless fears concerning what we feel we can’t contain or prevent from invading our carefully-maintained boundaries.

Here the sensible Virgo Moon, together with Jupiter and Pluto in pragmatic and resilient Capricorn, will be urging us to exercise a degree of discernment with regards to what we believe or hear, especially on social media. This is very much in keeping with the Blitz spirit of ‘Keep calm nd carry on’.

While it is always a good idea to take sensible precautions and follow health advice, this earth-sign combination suggests that we shouldn’t fall prey to the fear contagion; and instead, have a bit more faith in the institutional structures, procedures and preventative measures that have been put in place, as well as our own robust constitutions, to withstand any potential survival threat.

In general, this particular Moon phase bodes rather well for the next two weeks, offering us a chance for positive expansion and major internal – and collective – shifts.

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