The astrological year begins with a New Moon in courageous and pioneering Aries, signifying a time of new starts – if we can find the courage within us to overcome fear and habit, and do things differently. This positive and hopeful energy should feel noticeably different to the muted, somewhat downbeat, quite overwhelming mood that governed Pisces season – one that turned out to be particularly confusing and challenging, care of Mercury retrograde and the coronavirus fear pandemic that below up at the Virgo Supermoon.

Occurring just a few days after the March Equinox, this particular soli-lunar event will also have a strong Saturn signature, care of a sextile to the Aries Moon that happens right before New Moon. Having recently ingressed into Aquarius, Saturn will be emphasising the positive side of rules, limits and boundaries, particularly in the social sphere; from taking measures to keep ourselves and family safe, to observing social conventions and being mindful of our obligations to others in terms of our behaviour and actions (social distancing anyone?). What we witness now during the Aries Full Moon cycle will give us a feel for what trends are likely to become major themes during Saturn’s tour of Aquarius over the next three years. Watch my video forecast to learn more.

The proximity of the luminaries to Chiron & Black Moon Lilith is also likely to mark this particular two-week period out as being a moment when we can choose to heal some very old fear-based patterns arround scarcity, competition and survival – if we can bring ourselves to go deeper with our spiritual practices and do a little introspection whilst in self-isolation. It’s all about making brave choices now – do we stay stuck in fear and anxiety, or are we courageous enough to consider that this shake-up could actually be the perfect opportunity to do things differently in the future?

Watch my Moon phase video forecast on Instagram for more details.

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