April’s Full Moon in Libra (8.4.2020) has been dubbed the ‘Pink Supermoon.’ Pink is the colour of love and has strong symbolic ties to the planet Venus, goddess of romance and beauty whose energy will preside over the Easter 2020 waning moon phase.

In many ways, though, this Full Moon is about healing and restoring equality and balance to both close relationships and social connections. Let’s not forget that Venus also rules qualities like charm and politeness – all those pleasantries that oil the wheels of social interaction. Venus is in Gemini, so the focus is on using communication to improve relations with others, particularly on a one-to-one level.

Libra is the sign of Justice, hinting at the need for both more social equality as well as legal/personal restitution of some kind – either in the form of an apology or a restoration of a level playing field in which there is more equal give and take between two parties that are somehow bonded together, either through blood ties, a legal contract, romantic commitment or verbal agreement.

Justice in the rider waite tarot major arcana. Notice the swords (air element) and the scales (Libra) which hint at both fair decisions and a need for karmic rebalancing. This in many ways, hints at the Law of both Reciprocity and Cause & Effect – the law forces people who have committed wrongs to atone for their actions.

It is worth remembering that this is a Full Moon (a Supermoon at that – our third in a row!), so the Aries Sun will be opposite the Libra Moon, so both Venus (Libra) and Mars (Aries) energy will be strong.

As the cosmic archetypes of love and hate, war and peace, masculine and feminine creative energies, these two planets highlight the need to find a healthy balance between our individual needs and those of others; between our own pent-up feelings of frustration or seething resentment, on one hand, and our desire for heart-felt connection, on the other.

Right now, living peacefully with others might feel very challenging – many folks will be cooped up with the very people who trigger them emotionally for long periods of time – unable to get away – a source of tension/agitation that is being amped up by the Mars-Uranus square. While others will be feeling afraid that connection with others might lead to illness, or feel pushed into competition with others due to fears around a scarcity of resources.

Luckily, though, Venus and Mars will be making a minor grand trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, which means that the Libra Supermoon also has the potential to be a time of mending and healing – if people can learn to forgive/atone for past actions, overcome differences/coflicting needs, and find better ways to resolve conflict and work through their problems. No more running away or living in denial!

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