Maintaining our cool and perspective, and not falling for clickbait, sweet talk or passive aggressive attempts to draw us into conflict – these are just some of the themes of this week’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

The luminaries will be making a T-square to Mars, currently touring through sneaky and passive aggressive Pisces, which is causing subtle havoc, both in political circles and in relationships. Giving in to your hormones or passions will not get you the long-term happiness and respect you desire. In fact, quite the opposite. Rather the position of a retrograde Venus close to the Sun is emphasising the need to value your own worth and work on developing greater sovereignty and independence within the context of money, creativity and love.

The lesson of this eclipse is to avoid a return to old addictions or patterns of co-dependency. In fact, with Mercury making a positive aspect to earthy Uranus, by freeing yourself from outmoded ways of thinking about self-love, gender roles or family, you can open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities. It’s time to reinvent what love, nurturing and financial prosperity mean.

The Sagittarius Strawberry Moon also marks the start of Eclipse season 2.0 for 2020. See this as a gateway to the new karmic themes and collective issues slowly being introduced via the nodal shift from Gemini to Sagittarius that will start to bed in during the December eclipses.

For now, consider this Eclipse ‘shoulder season’ – an in-between time when many things are in flux, including our love lives, thanks to Venus retrograde.

To help us navigate through this rather tumultuous time, I have prepared a set of June Eclipse geoscopes for each zodiac sign – check yours out now on my YouTube channel!

Full Moon blessings.


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