Get ready for a major shift in the energies as we get closer to the New Moon in Leo on August 19th.

The Sabian symbol for this particular lunation is ‘A New Dawn‘ and in many ways, this is really all about upbeat solar energy – a metaphorical return of the light to the upper skies after a fairly deep and lengthy sojourn in the shadows of the underworld, a journey that began at the Capricorn lunar eclipse.

This image syncs in quite beautifully with the symbolism of the Lions Gate Portal, which is steeped in ancient Egyptian spirituality and cosmology. For me, this evokes the image of Ra Khepri – the irridescent scarab beetle – which for the ancient Egyptians, represented resurrection – the rebirth of the sun god on the horizon at daybreak, bringing with it a return of the life-giving force of the Sun to the Earth.

Energetically, I think this will coincide with an upsurge of light and outpouring of love from the heart and solar plexus chakras – an alchemical aurora consurgens after the recent Tower moments precipitated by the Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto squares.

Unlike the July and August Full Moons, which were plagued with a lot of cosmic static in the form of intense and challenging aspects to Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, the Leo New Moon coincides with a number of positive planetary transits, including a ‘let’s make it happen’ Mercury-Mars fire trine and a popping Venus-Uranus sextile. The former promises fast shifts and forward movement after a period of stagnation and confusion, while the latter could bring with it unexpected good news about love or abundance. So, many reasons to celebrate!

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