This week’s Pisces Full Moon promises to be a time of insight & clarity – as well as bountiful harvests, thanks to a series of positive earth aspects between the luminaries to Uranus; as well as Mercury contacts to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

There could be some big reveals and surprise confessions in relation to matters of the heart now. Equally, this could also be a time of major psychological realisations that lead to us letting go of unrealistic expectations or hopeless causes in favour of healthier, more fulfilling situations.

The September Corn Moon is a wonderful combination of earth and water energy that leads to major leaps forward and rewards for past efforts. The clue is in the date!

Expect to feel all the feels whilst also having super sensitive – but highly accurate – intuitive antennae – a quality highlighted by the Sabian symbol for this lunar phase which is all about the search for illumination.

Venus will also be making a conjunction with Procyon, a star associated with tech innovations, as well as leaps forward in green energy and sustainable agricultural practices – hopefully we will see some announcements or product launches in this area over the next two weeks.

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