Clarity and coherence are two big themes at the Virgo New Moon. Over the next two weeks, we are being asked to simplify our lives and get really clear about our physical and emotional needs, as well as our plans and priorities for the future.

Helping us to cut through the noise of all the external ‘shoulds’ and clear out the mental clutter will be a contact between the luminaries and determined, contemplative Saturn. Use this to exercise discernment and become really focused on what you want to manifest in your life because this earth trine packs a punch!

Step by step improvements to health, wellbeing, diet and routines are also possible during this waxing Moon phase, if we resolve to be disciplined and create a plan, despite any resistance or obstacles thrown up by the ongoing square between Mars and Saturn that has been active all month.

Joy and diligence in spite of frustration – that ‘chin up’ spirit that the Brits are so well-known for, is also favoured under this particular set of cosmic energies, as can adopting a flexible, ‘can do’ attitude in order to find workarounds to Mars retrograde delays, obstacles or hiccups.

The only thing to watch out for is biting off more than you can chew, or of judgement, whether of yourself or via criticism from more short-sighted or conservative peers – a distinct possibility, c/o a square to Jupiter, planet of religion, culture, ethics and the law.

However, with outdated systems and social structures in the process of breaking down – something highlighted by the return of Saturn and Pluto to the positions they occupied back in January-February – it’s a never been more important to align with your inner compass and act from a place of sovereignty, rather than seek validation from others or simply react to external events.

The key is to find ways to create greater personal coherence – ie. harmony between the different levels of your body, mind, soul and spirit. This will go a long way towards helping you gain the clarity you need to navigate through what are likely to be an increasingly volatile few months.

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