The Hunter’s Moon on Oct 31 is unusual for a number of reasons. Not only will it be a blue moon, but it also features an exciting but unpredictable conjunction between the Taurus Moon and planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus. The result? Plot twists, unexpected developments and breakthroughs of all kinds.

An exalted Moon also paves the way for positive developments and opportunities for greater abundance and wellbeing that may appear, almost out of nowhere, but are actually the result of the seeds you planted back in April at the Taurus New Moon. If you have been watering and nurturing those intentions or projects over the last few months, with seemingly little to show for it, then hold onto your hat – they may suddenly pay off now, which could take you completely by surprise.

This is a great time to break out of an emotional rut, kick an unhealthy habit or press the reset button when it comes to connections, cash or lifestyle. With both Mercury and Mars currently retrograde, and the Sun in penetrating Scorpio, it’s a great time to reassess your priorities and identify areas of your life that may need a bit of cleaning up.

Brother and sister planets, Mercury and Venus will also travelling quite closely together: both will ingress into Libra on October 28. As a result, the next few weeks of the waning moon cycle may also be a time to reassess with whom – and how – you connect and communicate.

If anything feels off-centre or out of balance, then now may be a good time to make some changes to ensure greater equality, fairness or reciprocity between you and others, or indeed, between you and communication tools like smartphones or technology platforms such as social media.

This was a strong message that came through in my videocast for the Hunter’s Moon on YouTube, as was the advent of disruptive technology designed to prepare us for the 21st century and the arrival of the Aquarian Age in December. Check it out now to get the scoop on what to expect from this rare and quirky Full Moon.

Paired with the Moon and Uranus, it’s also possible that this planetary line-up may lead to some personal awakenings and romantic wake-up calls between now and mid-November. This was certainly a big theme in the Hunter’s Moon Relationship Reading I did on YouTube recently, so check it out if this message resonates with you.


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