Adjustments & Recalibrations

After a week of dramatic shifts and major pivot points, it’s time to make a few adjustments.

As the planet of love, abundance and self-worth glides through her last week in the sign of the scales, she’ll be confronted by the three outer planets in Capricorn, during which time we will all be forced to ask ourselves: ‘Do the books balance?,’ in all senses of the word.

A series of squares between Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn, and Venus in Libra will also be asking you to reassess personal values, boundaries and power dynamics within key financial or creative situations and close relationships to make sure that everything is fair, just and equitable.

Is there mutual reciprocity? Do you feel valued by others, and vice versa? Do you still share the same core beliefs and values? Do you want the same things? Or are you now on different pages from some people in your life?

The good news is that as this happens, the Sun, fresh from its conjunction at New Moon, will form positive aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn, helping to counteract any potential doubts or feelings of alienation, self-pity or unworthiness with a dose of calm confidence and inner conviction – suggesting that you will intuitively know the answers to these questions by the way you feel inside, particularly in your heart and solar plexus.

Do you feel as if you are coming into greater alignment with your sense of personal truth, integrity and self-respect? If so, then take this as your guide and compass. Know too, that while some connections may now naturally fade into the background, others are likely to grow, strengthen and in some cases, new connections may also start to come in for you, particularly once we move into Sagittarius season, which happens at the end of the week. This is the Law of Resonance.

Surprise news, shocking plot twists and abrupt endings related to travel, communication and technology could also occur on Tuesday as Mercury opposes Uranus. You’ll need to employ a lot of patience and tact to avoid stubborn stand-offs or mental tussles. Expect possible tension or anxiety levels to temporarily spike as you adjust to sudden surges of electrical activity or incoming information from unexpected sources within your mental body or upper chakras.

To find out more about what to expect from the Cosmic Weather this week, check out my videocast on IGTV.

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