Venus’ tour though Libra may have been one big drama or disappointment, but wait until she enters sexy Scorpio on November 21 – the very same day that Sagittarius season gets underway – and a date that marks a decided uptick in the overall cosmic energies. ⁠

As you can probably see from the incredible line-up (above) of positive aspects that the planet of the divine feminine will make during her whistle stop tour through the sign of animal magnetism, deeply rooted passions and laser sharp intuition, situations or matters relating to love, money and beauty/art are sure to sizzle during December.

In the meantime, it’s probably best to accept any current difficulties or lulls as a temporary but necessary reboot when it comes to feeling valued both within relationships, and when it comes to getting paid what you’re worth – either at work or in exchange for your creative efforts and abilities.

Using this period as an opportunity to recalibrate may not be fun, but it will DEFINITELY pay off in December. So don’t be afraid to really do the work – whether it’s a do-over of relationships, boundary-setting or just getting clear about what’s really important to you.

And if all else fails, why not beat the winter/lockdown blues, with some light entertainment? Check out my Sag Season love tarot reading on YouTube. Premieres Friday 20/11/2020. 🔮


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