2020 Eclipse Season 3.0

Get ready for a major cosmic gear shift as we move into the corridor of 2020’s final eclipse season – and what a powerhouse it is!

Much like it’s cosmic twin, the June Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Novembers Beaver Full Moon is the very last lunar eclipse of 2020. In many ways, this soli-lunar event serves as a cosmic bridge, connecting us to both past (the last six months) and future (2021 and beyond), helping us to finally get clarity on situations or conundrums that may have been eluding us since Gemini season.

See the two weeks of the waning moon cycle as your opportunity to integrate, consolidate and clear out any psychic or karmic clutter left over from Gemini season, including the Gemini New Moon, and the lunar eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius that followed.

It is also helping us to lay the groundwork for 2020’s dramatic finale – the December solar eclipse in Sagittarius; and the much talked about Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that happens a week later on Dec 21 – smack, bang on the day of the solstice! I have been talking about this event since March – and that’s because, in many ways, it marks the start of the Aquarian Age, so get ready to move into the galactic era in a big way!

The good news that as we move into Sagittarius season, and the corridor of this lunar eclipse (which lasts for at least the duration of the waning moon cycle), we also head into a much more harmonious period with regards to love, money and creativity, thanks, in large part, to the ingress of Venus into sultry Scorpio on Nov 21.

To find out more about the astrology of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse and get earlybird access to my Eclipse Horoscopes, consider becoming a member of the AstrologySphere inner circle. Otherwise, head over to YouTube channel where you’ll get a taster of what’s in store with my video-based cosmic weather update.

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