Say Goodbye to 2020

2020’s final week is likely to be one of high emotion (and possibly a little drama and intrigue), with a strong focus on relationships of all kinds, as well as money. If there was ever a time to work on releasing any lingering toxic patterns, addictions or recurring lessons around self-deception, self-worth or self-sabotage from the 2020 Venus retrograde, then this is it!

You’ll probably have noticed that I haven’t yet posted about Venus’ ingress into Sagittarius. That’s because I wanted to wait to discuss it in relation to this week’s cosmic weather.

Unlike her magical mystery tour through passionate Scorpio, Venus hasn’t been a very happy bunny since entering this mutable fire sign in mid-December. Rather surprisingingly for such a gregarious planet, Venus will make relatively few aspects to other planets during her brief tour through the sign of the Archer (15-Dec – 8 January), as you can see from this graphic. This has made it hard for her to really tap into the usually upbeat and sometimes rather decadent energy of the Archer, who does have a wild, orgiastic side to him – just think of Sagittarian, Jim Morrison.

And now, as we head into a week where the cosmos is relatively quiet, all eyes will be on the Cancer Full Moon on December 30th – the same day that Venus will make her fourth and final square to Neptune for 2020.

Given the double whammy of a Full Moon in its own sign, which is all about heightened emotions, family dynamics and sub-conscious habits AND a mutable Venus-Neptune square, I think this could result in one of two things:

a) Either a complete meltdown, possibly triggered by a current relationship dynamic, money situation or developments that bring us face to face with our core wounds and/or disempowering sub-conscious beliefs, some of which may be rooted in childhood/inherited ancestral wounds; or

b) A conscious and intentional decision to use the waning moon cycle to let go of toxic patterns of relating, thinking or communicating and instead come into a place of maturity, self-containment and poise from where we learn to respond and not react.

When it comes to romantic relationships or money matters, look for connections between what happens now and the Venus retrograde period (May-July 2020), especially the Venus-Neptune squares of early May and late July. However, if what comes up is about home, family, food or safety, then look to the Cancer Moons we experienced in January, June and July 2020 for parallels.

Given that Venus will be located in the polar opposite zodiacal position to the one she occupied during her tour through Gemini, my feeling is that at the final Full Moon of 2020, we’re being given a huge opportunity to complete a cycle or loop – to come full circle in terms of integrating lessons and/or releasing old patterns – but this time, from the flip side of the coin to the position/viewpoint we occupied during May, June and July. So, don’t be surprised if in certain situations, the shoe is on the other foot.

In contrast to airy Gemini, which can be a tad superficial, fickle and/or overly cerebral when negatively aspected, fiery Sagittarius is all about beliefs, meaning and aspiration. It is much deeper, more principled and often more passionate and enthusiastic than Gemini. However, it can also be freedom-loving and therefore commitment-shy; and occasionally lean towards bluntness, over-enthusiasm, preachiness and over-confidence if it allows inflation – or alternatively, naivety – to get in and take hold.

Add to that the blurry, delusional and sometimes flaky energy of a Neptune square into the mix, and we potentially have a recipe for unrealistic expectations, skewed perceptions and fantastical thinking, particularly when it comes to Venus-ruled matters (love, values, finances, beauty, the arts, social connections), all of which could add up to deception/manipulation, big disappointments and foolish risk-taking, especially if we choose not to act from a grounded place of wisdom, integrity and maturity, or sound judgement.

So, what will we choose? To end a cycle by learning from past mistakes; standing by our core beliefs and values and exercising better decision-making? Or instead, continue to allow our ego desires, inflated opinions/beliefs and baser instincts/overexaggerated emotional reactions to run riot?

As always, that’s up to us. The opportunity to pivot, however, remains. What will you choose to leave behind in 2020?

Find out more about how to navigate the two weeks of the waning moon cycle – and close the door on 2020 from a cosmic perspective – in my latest YouTube video.

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