Issues around survival, access to resources and personal safety are all likely to loom large at the Capricorn New Moon mid-January 2021. With a total of five planets in earth signs, there is likely to be a strong collective focus on root chakra issues, including abundance, physical wellness and personal safety over the next two weeks of the waxing moon.

In addition, as trading and travel bans tighten and lockdowns get stricter, we may find ourselves having to be increasingly resourceful and psychologically resilient. Emotional fortitude is therefore a major theme. So far, so very Capricorn, which is all about grit and determination in the face of difficulties. And after almost a year of various restrictions on movement and other forms of socialising, this could feel like a big ask.

However, rather than rale against what may feel like infringements on our personal liberties – a distinct possibility, care of an impending square between rule-abiding Saturn on one side, and rowdy Mars + rebellious Uranus, on the other – we are strongly advised to save our energy and delay our gratification (or expressing our rage or moral outrage) for another day.

Instead, there is a need to set aside the external and turn inwards. The Sabian symbol for the 25th degree of Capricorn points to a need to take a much-needed retreat from the hurly burly and distractions of the world in order to regain our centre and find solutions to pressing problems. Rather than an escape, though, this is probably quite a sensible option.

Especially given that Pluto will be making a conjunction to the luminaries, which could add a certain degree of drama or intensity to what transpires now. It could also set in motion a series of events designed to trigger a healing crisis in us – one that could ultimately prove very cathartic and self-empowering. Indeed, decluttering, fasting, detoxing or any form of repair work is highly favoured under this transit.

On a more positive note, Venus in Capricorn will be making a series of harmonious earth trines to Mars and Uranus, which turns direct on January 14. This could lead to unexpected progress in creative or money matters; and for some, lucky developments in love.

Be warned though – some of these are likely to emerge from messy, sometimes even difficult events, such as a break-up/divorce or bankruptcy. Ultimately, though, whatever happens, the situation is likely to turn out best for all concerned. More than likely, it will precipitate some much-needed changes or breakthroughs in areas that may have been stale or stuck for some time. So, choose to see any shocks or sudden endings not as curses, but rather as blessings in disguise.

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