Today’s New Moon in Aquarius has a decidedly bullish and upbeat feel to it, thanks to a very auspicious conjunction between benefics, Venus and Jupiter. Together with Mercury, which is currently headed back to join the party, this could make for some joyous and much-celebrated relationship reunions, especially on Valentine’s day.

However, with trouble-causer, Mars headed towards a series of squares to this stellium of planets in Aquarius, all is not sunshine and roses. Add to that next week’s Saturn-Uranus square, and it becomes clear that we need to tread with caution and have Plan B in place in case things don’t go 100% as expected.

Keeping a clear head, so that you aren’t overly swayed by turbulent emotions – both good and bad – and having a well thought-through POA to keep your future direction of travel clear, and your mind free of panic, will both be important.Especially as we head into next week when the first of 2021’s headline Saturn-Uranus squares kick into action, and things become a bit less certain.

This is the advice being offered by the Sabian Symbol governing the Aquarius New Moon, which is all about setting aside the passions of youth and learning from the wisdom of experience. Having access to the right knowledge, whether via astrology or good research, will also give you the inside edge and help you prepare for whatever happens.

In the meantime, though, enjoy the good news and happy developments headed your way, c/o all the Venus-Jupiter action, between 11-16 February. As well as making up with a long lost love, the cosmic energies also favour the return of friends you may have lost touch with during lockdown ‘friendship fade’.

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