The February 2021 Snow Moon takes places in sensible and discerning Virgo. During this particular lunar phase, we’re being gifted with the opportunity to refine the way we make decisions and let go of some deeply buried limiting beliefs or self-defeating behaviour patterns. This will help to prepare us for the major changes and possible karmic tests headed our way, care of Neptune & Uranus, both of which are challenging us to make some much-needed personal choices and lifestyle shifts.

Taking place at 18h17 GMT, and only few days after the rude awakening and whiplash-inducing Mars-Pluto trine, this Full Moon marks a major shift in the cosmic energies. With Uranus adding an additional note of excitement and uncertainty to this particular two week phase, it’s fair to say that unexpected changes and paradigm shifts are a distinct possibility.

Some of these changes may be self-induced. Virgo is the sign of health, efficiency and discernment, so it’s possible that you may decide to refine your diet, routines or working practices to make them more fit for purpose, or eliminate certain bad habits altogether.

Astrologically-speaking, there’s a lot going on. This could be an eventful, even overwhelming time when things seem to come at us (sometimes out of the blue) from all sides, so we need to be on our ‘A-game’ in case we’re required to make some snap decisions or respond quickly to what’s happening. Here, a mutable grand cross between the luminaries and the nodes suggest karmic tests, and the ability to keep a clear head, or sense of inner conviction, even during chaotic or confusing times.

The good news is that things are about to head in a much more positive direction come March. However, in order to accept the unexpected gifts and blessings headed our way, we first have to convince the universe – and our sub-conscious minds – that we are ready for them – AND that we truly believe we deserve them…

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