Tired of all the doom and gloom? In need of some hope? Then get ready for 2021’s most magical moon phase yet!

Sandwiched between two uplifting and inspiring Neptune conjunctions, March’s New Moon in Pisces invites us all to set side our critical, logical minds and dream a little. To pause and imagine what it would feel like to realise a cherished goal or dream. And then to plant the seeds of those hopes and wishes in your heart and invite the universe to work with you to make them come true.

Because, over the next two weeks, you are being given a major opportunity to manifest the life or relationship of your dreams. The New Moon will be combining forces with Venus and Neptune to open up a window of opportunity in which miracles can occur. This is about the Law of Attraction – on steroids. All we have to do is get clear about what it is we want to manifest. And then spend some time breathing life into these wishes using the power of repetition + emotion.

With so many planets in Pisces, there’s also a strong emphasis on divine feminine, yin energy, which is all about opening up to fresh possibilities and attracting your desires to you, as opposed to actively going out and making things happen. So focus on clarifying your goals and making yourself magnetic, and then leave the rest to ‘fate’.

This New Moon could also coincide with incoming messages from spirit guides or other dimensions, as well as heightened creative inspiration and artistic flow. That’s because Neptune is lowering the boundaries between dimensions, increasing our intuitive abilities; as well as a dissolving heartwalls and ego defences, which could create a desire to open up emotionally. As a result, there’s a strong theme around redemption, forgiveness and healing the disappointments, failures and sorrows of the past, especially within the sphere of relationships.

Together with Monday’s Venus-Neptune conjunction, this period is excellent for high heart activations and soul connections, as well as elevated feelings of compassion, unconditional love and empathy – all of which should make for kinder, more loving and sincere social exchanges and inter-personal experiences.

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