The April 2021 Full Pink Moon takes place in controlled and mysterious Scorpio. With most planets currently in fixed earth and water signs, there’s a definite emphasis on fertility, nourishment and the sacred feminine. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the pastel-inspired name: this two week moon phase is all about strong female aka Queen/Goddess energy. It’s time to step into your power.

Scorpio is an intense sign associated with passion, rage, obsession and power, all of which could be strong themes over the upcoming waning Moon cycle that takes us to the middle of May. Add to that the fact that this is not just a normal full moon but a Supermoon, and we really could be in for quite a tumultuous, eventful or ‘full-on’ two week period.

Externally, this could express itself through high drama, high octane situations, which could arise or blow up suddenly, thanks to the influence of Mars and Uranus. But, if this Moon placement takes place below the horizon in your chart, then it this could be a more internal event which carries the hallmarks of a ‘swan lake’ scenario, as suggested by this moon’s Sabian Symbol. Here, Moon in Scorpio, Boris Johnson, better watch out – scandal and sleaze are both Scorpio-ruled. (See details in the transits section below).

battle black blur board game
Scorpio is the fierce femme that plays to win and never apologizes for changing her mind. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bitcoin turned out to be a woman!

Another way this energy could manifest is a passionate confession from a secret admirer – the involvement of Uranus does suggest suprise events involving a male (conjunct the Sun) that have the potential to blindside you. With the Moon and Mars set to make a harmonious water trine, it may be worth hearing them out, no matter how freaked out or triggered you may feel. At the very least, you may find the experience psychologically liberating, giving you the impetus to move forward with your life, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck on some level.

Given that the Moon also rules the instincts and body, we could also be talking about intense physical sensations across the pleasure-pain spectrum. Healing may be another theme, as could alchemical transmutation. With Mars making a trine to the Moon, energy work on the muscles or male reproductive organs should prove very successful, as could family therapy (Mars is in Cancer). Again, much will depend upon where the Sun and the Moon are located for you natally at this particular moon phase (check your chart above for details if you haven’t already.)

photo of snake
Poisons and kill or cure remedies or therapies could be a big theme at the Scorpio Supermoon

Purification is certainly another theme that could come up. Here, I am reminded of Hexagram 18, which in the traditional I Ching, is associated with the need to renovate a corrupt situation or cleanse/purify something that has become toxic or poisonous. (Think of the famous political slogan, ‘Empty the swamp’, and you get the picture). Now, as Pluto prepares to retrograde, this could be the perfect opportunity to purge some shadow energy with its roots in the past. With a strong emphasis on Pluto/Scorpio, the situation may be calling for a kill-or-cure remedy (think of the Greek term for medicine AND poison = ‘pharmakon’).

Given the stellium of planets in Taurus surrounding the Sun, I also wouldn’t be surprised if we collectively find ourselves faced with some kind of environmental emergency involving pollution such as an oil spill. Alternatively, a rather shocking wake up call concerning the link between soil, pollution and our physical health, is also possible, a topic that does tend to evoke very strong emotions, especially when linked to food production.

The key thing to remember is that whatever does go down, even if it is shocking, surprising or triggering, will ultimately be for our highest good, leading to important discoveries, revelations of truth, or some much-needed trandformation.

So try not to worry too much and instead, adopt a curious, if somewhat detached stance, to whatever occurs. (Easier said than done where Moon in Scorpio is concerned!) Rather than resist or wail that we are cursed, it is far more productive to ask exploratory questions such as, “Why is this happening now?”, as opposed to “Why is this happening to me?” The answers may prove to be surprisingly illuminating!

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