End Of The Affair: Is Elon Musk’s Dalliance With Crypto Over?

As a follow-up to my astrological analysis of the Bitcoin chart and its prospects during the 2020-21 bull market cycle, I have created a new video on my Astro-Insights Blog in which I do a deep dive into the astrology of the Space X billionaire’s tweet which sent Bitcoin prices crashing, along with a fresh look at what I believe to be Elon Musk’s correct natal chart. He has never stated his birth time publicly, so astrologers have had to guess at what his ascendant is. As you will see, a few things that happened during this period made me believe that he has Capricorn rising, and not Aquarius, as is more widely believed. More details in the vide.o

However, after I had finished filming, I realized that I had not pressed the ‘record’ button on the section in which I analyse the positions of the planets at the time of his tweet about Bitcoin in relation to this new chart to see if it can tell us something more about his mindset and intentions when he sent it (the chart could not be read as a horary due to strictures so I had to read it as a mundane event).

So I thought I would use this post to give a quick summary of my thoughts.

  • Mars in Cancer is in his 6th house, right on his natal Sun-Mercury conjunction, which confirms to me that Musk is Mars in the Tweet Chart. Having Mars transit over your Mercury can make you shoot from the hip and make impulsive statements or decisions that you may later come to regret. Did he act hastily in doing a U-turn on Bitcoin? Or was he in on a Wyckoff Distribution set-up? And given that Mars is squaring his natal Chiron in the 4th house, was it motivated by beliefs or events that occurred during in his childhood, possibly involving an old wound concerning family/roots?
  • The Sun and Black Moon Lilith are in his 5th house of children, gambling/speculation and brief love affairs. Given his tweet back in January at the height of Bitcoin euphoria, of what many believe to be him getting FOMO and wanting a piece of the Bitcoin action, is he in denial about the fact that for him, Bitcoin was just a brief dalliance?
  • With the Gemini stellium conjunct his natal Saturn (and if I am right, his chart ruler), is it possible that he was using Orwellian-style ‘double-speak’ (Mercury in the sign of the Twins) to signal that he may want to create his own cryptocurrency at some point? One skit from his Saturday Night Live Appearance appears to suggests so.
  • Or is the Moon’s fresh separation from Venus, as it applies to Mercury, a signal that Musk’s tweet is all about PR and damage limitation? Here I refer you to Kevin O’Leary’s recent interview on Yahoo Finance in which he discusses the growing concern amongst institutional investors over the provenance of their Bitcoin and a possible scandal brewing around so-called ‘bloodcoin’. (And could this be the reason for Pluto in the 3rd house of the Tweet chart?)
  • Pluto in Capricorn (transiting through what I believe is his first house) which is trining his natal Pluto, BML + Midheaven in the 9th house of beliefs, certainly suggests that he wants to maintain personal control over the narrative, but is being secretive about his true motivations. As ruler of the 11th house (groups, collective efforts, social media), he appears to be sincere in his beliefs with regards to the environment (his idealistic natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is what makes me think so). However, given the transit of Pluto through his first house, he may also want to use crowd psychology to throw people a little off the scent when it comes to the full truth of his financial transactions – did he sell some of his stake in the market when Bitcoin crashed, or was he just not aware of how his words might affect market sentiment? He does have form when it comes to this type of behaviour, after all…
  • However, with Saturn transiting his second house of money, and fast approaching its second square to Uranus (in his 4th), ruler of his 2nd house, he seems reluctant to put his money where his mouth is and sell his personal stake in Bitcoin. Perhaps because he sees it as a long term investment, or may have plans to use it to purchase a home or help a family member out financially?
  • Transiting Jupiter, also in his 2nd house, is square to his natal Saturn (5th). As the ruler of his natal 12th house, it suggests money secrets – again hinting the he has some ulterior motive involving financial gain that he is not disclosing in his official Twitter statement. Some believe this may have something to do with tax relief.
  • Is it Dogecoin? Or something completely new? Have a listen to my analysis of the Dogecoin chart (end of the video) to find out my view on the prospects of this altcoin, considered by many to be the underdog of the crypto world…

For the full breakdown of my full analysis of Musk’s chart, check out the Astro-Insights blog.

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