Finding your natural groove and rhythm, despite outside interference or external challenges, is what June’s Supermoon in Capricorn is all about. With it’s emphasis on the earth and water elements, this Full Moon carries strong themes around honour, right alignment, inner confidence and emotional balance.

There’s much in here about finding your own rhythm and groove coming home to yourself and unapologetically treading a different path – but doing so in a calm and quietly confident way that could make others sit up and notice. Indeed, the more you respect and honour yourself, by walking your talk, aligning your actions with your ideals, keeping your word and leading by example , the more the more you stand to command from others .

Thanks to Jupiter, you may also experience this a growing sense of gratitude, together with a blossoming inner confidence, that you know – and love – who you are and feel able to handle whatever life throws at you. After a difficult 18 months, you may finally begin to feel optimistic about the future and may also be coming to the realization that when everything is said and done, the universe really have your back.

To learn more about the in’s and out’s of this third supermoon for 2021, check out my videocast on YouTube! Or sign up for my newsletter to get access to monthly horoscopes.

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