August’s Leo New Moon takes place on the 8th of August, which coincides with the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal = the alignment of Sirius, the star of the Great Mother, rises heliacally with the Sun at dawn on the eastern horizon. As a result, this is likely to be a powerfully healing and transformative two-week waxing moon cycle.

As I said in my New Moon videocast (see below), this particular New Moon falls between two Aquarius Full Moons, making it the midpoint between a powerful six week period during which we are all trying to find a balance between our individual rights and needs, on one hand, and those of the collective.

Despite the strong pull of the Aquarius full moons to ally yourself with people of like mind and similar principles, the two weeks of the waxing moon period kickstarted by the Leo Moon should be bring with it opportunities to relax, let down your hair and connect on a social level with bosom buddies or team mates. The playful, child-like and creative energy of Leo is asking us to open up our heartspace and invite more joy, fun and originality into our lives.

Courage, generosity of spirit and the ability to defend our convictions in the face of attack, criticism or uncertainty are also indicated, especially by the fixed stars. Add to this the fact that the luminaries will be making a T-square to the separating Saturn-Uranus square, reactivating the latent energies of June 2021 solar eclipse = cosmic turbulence ahead. Given the fixed star aspects of both the luminaries and Uranus, this could involve defending our freedoms, a core personal principle, or protecting a pet project or loved one. The Leo Moon suggests a need to be bold, brave and stand in your sovereignty , but without being too overbearing or fierce.

Indeed, this particular new moon does bring with some potential challenges for Bitcoin, reigniting the themes with I discussed around the June 2021 eclipse. Saturn will be sitting right on the Bitcoin descendent and conjunct its north node, suggesting applied pressure via rules, regulation or restrictions which could affect its future fate. More on this on my Twitter feed.

For now, you can find out more about how to harness the positive aspects of this lunar phase via my detailed videocast, which includes a TWO WEEK breakdown of the most important upcoming astrology transits for the August waxing moon.

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