After the intense and possibly confusing energy of the recent Pluto and Neptune aspects, we reach the Virgo New Moon, a time for blank canvases and fresh starts.

If you have become aware of toxic personal or dietary habits, possibly around self-sabotage, dishonesty or addiction or have felt weighed down by self-doubt, fear or catastrophe thinking, then this two week waxing moon phase offers the perfect opportunity to make some healthy changes.

Not only will it key into the positive Pluto and Venus aspects that occurred on Sep 6, but Uranus will also be making a flowing earth trine to the luminaries. These should encourage us to step into a greater honesty, both with ourselves and others, but also to take action in bringing our lives into more alignment with our core principles and inner truths.

It’s also possible, that thanks to yesterday’s expansive and loving Venus-Jupiter trine, we may find ourselves unexpectedly touched by grace or serendipity now. I kept hearing the tune of ‘Amazing Grace’ yesterday, which I think fits very well with the serene and loving energy of Virgo, particularly in her expression as the Virgin Mary. So if you have been overcome with sorrow, grief, remorse or fears of the unknown, then say a silent prayer to the divine mother, whatever form that might take for you, and then let the miracles happen…for these are certainly possible now, thanks to this fortunate and benevolent aspect.

Unexpectedly positive news or developments that seem to come like a bolt from the blue are also possible, care of Uranus, which I think should also be very good for Bitcoin. As I said in my recent financial astrology new moon forecast, I expect this particular waxing moon phase to coincide with sudden, but strong upward impulses that could see crypto’s premiere currency enter a time of price discovery and reach new all time highs.

To find out more about what this particular two week phase has in store, check out my videocast below.


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