If you feel a lot more emotional than usual, possibly even a bit overwhelmed, then blame the Pisces Full Moon, which forms a conjunction to boundary-dissolving Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. This is likely to really get us into our feels – amplifying emotions and sensitising our organs of perception to a wider spectrum of subtle frequencies than we might ordinarily experience.

Although potentially positive – amplifying psychic abilities (particularly clairvoyance) and opening us up to mystical experiences and artistic inspiration, it could also lower our guards, making us feel a bit naked and exposed, particularly if you tend to view vulnerability as a weakness. Although it will be important to boost your immune system and employ discernment and practise psychic protection, this two week waning moon period is the ideal time to let go of ego structures or defence mechanisms that may have preventing you from fully connecting to others – or to life – in a deep and meaningful way.

With a fated kite aspect forming between the luminaries, Saturn and the nodes, this full moon is all about karmic release – a time when old cycles of pain, suffering and trauma can finally be closed out, and balance restored to the emotional body. However, with the Sun travelling close to Mars, and Black Moon Lilith orbiting close to the north node, doing so may require a concerted effort to circumvent the ego defences that might ordinarily lead you to blame, lash out, push people away or project onto others. Becoming aware of these tendencies is the first step to fully owning up to where you may have become stuck in repeating self-defeating patterns, so that you can finally forgive – and free – yourself from the past. Part of this process may involve undergoing some form of energetic cleansing, catharsis or spiritual healing (dreamwork, shamanic style soul retrieval, music, water, colour and music therapies are all well-starred now).

Alternatively, with the Sun about to enter Libra (22 Sep), the sign of the autumn equinox, you may also feel compelled to restore balance or fairness to a relationship or situation that may have been out of whack. Luckily, with Mercury set to pass over the fortunate fixed star, Spica, three times between the full moon and the beg of November, the stars appear to be aligning to aid you in this process, creating opportunities for reconciliations and reconnections on Sep 21-2, Oct 2-3 and Nov 1-2. (Retrogrades are good for resolving past issues and rectifying or reviving missed opportunities).

At base, what the planets are trying to get you to do is to rest and lighten your psycho-spiritual load in preparation for what is likely to be a busy three months ahead, as the outer planets begin to turn direct, starting with Pluto on Oct 7 and we enter eclipse season. So, be kind to yourself and others, take some time to yourself for R&R, and wherever possible, cultivate ways to surrender, trust and let go. This is a harvest moon, after all – so open yourself up and allow yourself to receive the grace and gifts you truly deserve over the next two weeks.

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