October’s new moon brings with it a sense of fresh possibilities and the opportunity to get going again after the frustrating delays of retrograde season, and treacle-like energy of the Pisces waning moon cycle. Not only will many of the outer planets be going direct, leading to more momentum to events in the outer world, but Mars and Mercury will join with the luminaries to add a decided turbo boost to projects, decisions or initiatives begun now. With the pace of life picking up, it will be important to schedule in some breaks and downtime to ensure you don’t burn out – something that the Sabian symbol is reminding us.

There are strong thematic ties to the cycles and transits of Venus, including her cazimi back in March 2021 close to the Libra Sugar Moon, as well as the Venus-Jupiter trines in September just after the Virgo New Moon. The role of beauty and the law of attraction in raising our vibration and increasing our capacity for joy and happiness levels, both loom large.

This month’s new moon lunar face is all about cultivating happiness and focusing on what makes your heart sing. In many ways, we’re being asked to invite more lightness of spirit and joy into our emotional repertoire. One way to do this is to deliberately look for, and include, beauty in your everyday life. For, as the Greek philosopher Plotinus reminds us, beauty induces in us a sense of wonderment, reverence and delight, inspiring what he calls a ‘loftiness of spirit’ that in turn, awakens in us a desire to live in a more noble and refined way, but also to become more beautiful: to aspire for what is best in ourselves and others.

And, as James Burgess reminds us, this is one of the secrets to the law of attraction – a decidely Venus-Mars affair!

“The very act of perception of beauty is therapeutic, a smile heals, and love is a potent tool of joy. We are studying the law of attraction, which is a fundamental life mystery – like attracts like.” – James Burgess

This waxing moon phase is also a time for emotional healing and shadow work, thanks to the fixed star aspects of Venus, Uranus and Chiron. Much like the Libra Sugar Moon, the fixed stars are also encouraging us to continue working through unhealed wounds and unconscious patterns  – a strong theme at the Pisces Full Moon – anything that holds you back or leads you to self-sabotage.

The main difference here is that some of your healing may occur through relationships or encounters with others. Although this may feel counter-intuitive to us Westerners, who believe we have to do everything by ourselves, Buddhists believe strongly in the power of loving kindness  – or what they call ‘metta’ – a state of compassion, joy and unconditional love that softens the heart and helps us to extend these feelings, both to ourselves and others.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

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