With two hard aspects set to take place between the Scorpio New Moon, and the planets ruling old (Saturn) and new (Uranus), November 2021’s waxing moon phase is likely to be a little volatile and turbulent. Indeed, with a lot potentially changing in the outside world, we may feel the need to find ways to hedge (Saturn) against uncertainty (Uranus).

Much like October, with the Aries Full Moon, the Scorpio New Moon is situated close to two contrasting aspects, this time by Mercury in Libra, which will follow in the footsteps of Mars by first trining Jupiter on 1 November before heading towards a square with Pluto on November 3.

This is likely to see you reviewing your communications style, travel plans and investment strategies during the next two weeks, especially if you encounter a bit of turbulence or uncertainty, care of the challenging aspects set to take place between now and the full moon.

Taking place on November 4th, this new moon phase acts as a sort of gateway to Eclipse Season 2.0, which begins on November 19, with a very auspicious Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

One of the key themes is to return to first principles, especially when it comes to the way you perceive things, navigate the world and go about making changes. In fact, if you are to avoid the more anxiety-provoking or unpredictable side of this moon phase, it is best to engage in what eastern mystics called ‘beginners’ mind’ – to forgo your usual assumptions and examine things with fresh eyes.

Doing so could lead to some major breakthroughs, especially in areas where you may have felt stuck, afraid, isolated or limited. Here, the square between the luminaries and Saturn could highlight for you precisely where you feel held back, isolated or frustrated so that you can take remedial action to free yourself from the baggage of the past.

The latter impetus is encouraged by some positive aspects between Saturn, Chiron and Black Moon Lilith, great for overcoming blind spots and identifying where we may be stuck in old stories about rejection, alienation or being a misfit.

In addition, some positive contacts between the luminaries and compassionate Neptune should help to facilitate flow and help us to overcome resistance and heal rifts or psychological schisms, encouraging us to practise forgiveness, compassion and surrender in order to find peace or common ground, especially when it comes to situations or events that have largely felt beyond your control.

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