Reasons to Celebrate: Dec 2021 Solar Eclipse

If the energy of December’s Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius catch you off-guard, it’s because they’re likely to be so upbeat. Taking place in the 5 New South saros family, this eclipse ushers in a six month cycle that’s likely to be packed with joyful, happy and uplifting soulful experiences.

This may stand in stark contrast to the rather intense vibes of the preceding Taurus lunar eclipse, which was all about releasing and healing old trauma and scarring particularly around distorted feminine energy and sexual wounding.


Now, though, things look set to change for the better, thanks in large part, to some potent planetary transits, including a sextile between Mars and Venus-Pluto. Again, this could lead to some positive alchemical transmutation and shifts, particularly in relation to the balancing of masculine and feminine creative urges.


Bringing in good news, fresh opportunities and positive developments will be Mercury, which will be travelling close to the luminaries. The Part of Fortune will also be nearby, signalling an upswing in fortunes and abundance for many of us. The wheel of fortune is once again turning in our favour.


However, don’t expect whatever seeds you plant now to bear fruit immediately – this soli-lunar cycle will last until the end of April 2022, so your intentions could take several months to manifest. Patience and persistence will be key.


The only potential snags or difficulties to overcome, both of which will be relatively short-term, are an upcoming Saturn-Uranus square – the third in a series – exact on Dec 24th, and a Venus retrograde spell, which will last from Dec 19-Jan 28.

The former trilogy of squares dominated much of 2021, but are due to come to an end on Christmas Eve. In fact, we are being asked to find ways to finally resolve this ongoing challenge or issue, which is likely to have been around from as early as mid-February 2021 .


The latter is a follow on from Venus’ last retrograde spell (May-Jul 2020) and is all about reassessing our values and what we want from both romantic and financial situations. There’s also a chance to go back and fix what’s become toxic or broken, which could lead to some reunions or reconnections, so it’s not all bad news.


The key thing to remember is that Mercury will also be retrograde from mid-January to early Feb 2022, which could affect travel or communications – something to be aware of if you do want to resolve situations that more than likely require some honest heart-to-heart conversations. Luckily, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for those between Dec and March, so don’t despair. Key dates to note include 11 and 25 Dec when Venus conjuncts Pluto – perfect for making truthful confessions and coming clean about past mistakes.

For more details, check out my eclipse videocast (Below).

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