January’s Cancer Full Moon is an interesting one. Not only does it get us all in our ‘feels’ but, thanks to a mystic rectangle involving the luminaries & the nodes, it could also be a time when we find ourselves integrating some important soul lessons resulting from past experiences.

Taking place in sensitive Cancer, the sign where it feels most ‘at home’, it also features a dramatic Sun-Pluto conjunction in earthy Capricorn, which could bring buried feelings or hidden secrets to the surface. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling more touchy, fragile or vulnerable than usual – your inner child may be asking you to practise good self-care now.

Both the luminaries and Pluto form part of a larger aspect pattern – a mystic rectangle – that takes in the lunar nodes, suggesting that the next two weeks could be a great opportunity to integrate important soul lessons or release ancestral or behavioural patterns that might be holding you back.

Venus will still be retrograde – in fact, she is due to turn direct just as this particular lunar month closes out at the end of January. IJoining her will be Mercury, which will be retracing its steps through Aquarius and back into Capricorn between 14 January and 4 February. This could add to the feelings of nostalgia brought about by the Cancer Full Moon whilst also increasing the desire to re-examine or rewrite the past.

The perfect foil to January’s New Moon in Capricorn, which urged us to go out into the world and make things happen, the Cancer Full Moon may now prompt us to pause, reflect and reconnect with what nourishes us – good food, family, home, emotional security – perhaps even a duvet day or two.

And given that Uranus is about to station (January the 18th), and that we’re on the cusp of Aquarius season (Jan 19/20) it’s probably a good idea to take the time to make sure you get the rest and nutrition that you need to be able to cope with any changes prompted by these shifts. The key will be to pace yourself and allow blocks of down time for processing. Luckily, the planets won’t be that busy during January’s second half, giving us all a chance to catch our breaths in between activities.

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