Aug 2023 Pisces Blue Supermoon

In many ways, the Pisces Blue Moon on August the 31st is a continuation of the Mars-Pluto trine which is in the process of closing out a 14 year cycle. It’s about catharsis, revelations and realisations – acknowledging what’s been blocking your progress in life, but also about making dreams come true.

This is a rare event – a blue moon and a Supermoon all rolled into one, with a lot of emphasis on the water element, so expect emotions to run high. (Friendly reminder: we do not speak Freudian internet slang here – this is an astrology website, not Twitter).

You could also get a case of the blues – Pisces lunar cycles can make people more sensitive and susceptible to empathic overload or allergy attacks due to more porous than usual boundaries. So do remember to pace yourself and practice psychic protection.

It’s also possible that you may feel called to put a stop to any self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour, or call time on situations/areas of life where you’ve been deceiving yourself. That’s because the Full Moon will be making a conjunction to Saturn, which is all about boundaries, limitations and the need to say no – things that Neptune-ruled Pisces isn’t particularly good at. Right now, however, less is definitely more, especially when it comes to anything unhealthy, toxic or self-defeating.

On the plus side, this rare lunar event could also potentially heighten your intuition or lead to a burst of off-the-charts creative inspiration. Much will depend on where it falls in your natal chart.


The Sabian symbol for the 8th degree of Pisces – the zodiacal position of the Full Moon – is a girl blowing a bugle or trumpet. A bit like the Archangel Gabriel from the Book of Revelations, who is often represented blowing his trumpet on the Judgement card in the tarot. As such, expect wake-up calls and revelations to be a major theme.

While profound epiphanies are certainly a possibility, not all of these are likely to be pleasant. Full Moons often shine a spotlight on what we’ve been denying, or what’s been lurking in the shadows. Whether these turn out to be our subconscious blindspots or the secrets others have been keeping from us, this super blue moon could be a time when what’s been hidden from us now comes to light. Whatever the situation, Saturn’s message is that it’s time to get real. No more denial, blameshifting, deflecting or pretending that everything is fine if it isn’t.

Pisces may be the sign of dreamers, but Saturn is all business, so will insist we have a reckoning and possibly do some adulting. In some cases, this may mean making an effort to reduce Piscean vices such as addictions, escapist tendencies, flakiness, martyrdom, masochism and/or unrealistic expectations. Think Alice in Wonderland meeting Judge Judy, and being told to wise up, follow the rules or set some boundaries.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo (the sign opposite Pisces), it’s probably also a good idea to act/speak with caution and restraint because the chances of you getting triggered or acting out emotionally is pretty high. You could also get some important details wrong and potentially embarrass yourself. So if you’re feeling psychologically fragile or emotionally vulnerable during the next few days, it’s probably advisable to stay offline and away from work functions/public events…for your own good.


It’s not all doom and gloom though – if you’ve been working hard on realising a goal or taking practical steps to make a dream happen, then with Saturn’s help, you may begin to see some rewards for your efforts now in the form of concrete developments.

So, to quote Nylon’s astrologer, don’t let Saturn make you too serious:

“Ditch the apocalyptic nihilism and the dull dissociation….” “Who did you become this summer? What did you leave behind? What did you face? If you can own it, and tell it, it may be the catalyst to a new beginning.”

August’s Full Moon in Pisces Brings Your Dreams Into Reality

You may also want to cast your mind back to events, projects or cycles that began at the Pisces New Moon on 20 February, because there may be a link between then and now. In some cases, things may progress onto the next phase, while in others, things may reach their natural conclusion.

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, has also been moving in and out of orbit of a sextile with transformative Pluto since April. In response to this powerful and enchanting combination, you may find yourself feeling compelled to respond to a higher spiritual calling, perhaps following a peak personal experience or especially vivid dream. If so, note it down, amplify it and allow enough space and time for the fog to clear and its message to coalesce into something meaningful and specific.

Here it’s worth remembering that left-brain Virgoan discernment is an important balancing aspect of the right-brained creative process – it allows us to refine the intuitive and inspirational ‘raw data’ we receive from spirit/the collective unconscious/mundus imaginalis – whatever you choose to call it.

Secondly, within the realm of personal experience, symbolism is seldom universal and will often speak to you in a very personal and unique way based on your own memories and individual associations – in this sense, context is important. Allow yourself to develop your own symbolic language because this will help your conscious and subconscious minds to speak to each other more coherently – this is where Piscean receptiveness can really come into its own. Just think of artists and writers like Blake, Tolkien or Faulkner who all built their own imaginal worlds and language, all of which stood the test of time because they were so authentic.

Once the messages are ‘downloaded’, then you can follow up with the ‘decoding’ and editing process, much as you would if you were writing a song or a book. But not before – you’ll only interrupt the flow of inspiration.

A need to pace yourself and take care of your health

For some, this two week period can result in feelings of overwhelm, overload or burn out. It’s Virgo season, so setting modest goals and taking steps to look after your health and the wellbeing of those nearest and dearest to you is the best way to deal with this high intensity fortnight. And with Venus separating from a square to Jupiter, this is definitely not the time to over-indulge, overspend or be bratty.

When it comes to making plans or goals a reality, be warned: with Saturn opposing the Virgo Sun, now is not the time to be complacent, overly critical or entitled – keep chipping away conscientiously and what you’re seeking will find you. The trick is stay humble and keep expectations modest whilst also not shying away from what needs to be said or done. The more you’re willing to face facts and deal with the messy details, the better off you’ll be by the time we reach the Equinox.

Indeed, once you’ve cleared out the clutter brought to your attention by Saturn and the Mars-Pluto trine, the possibilities for manifesting miracles and or planning new personal starts (to be set into action at the next new moon, of course!), may become clearer than ever.

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