Balancing the Books: Oct 2023 Solar Eclipse

Autumn 2023 eclipse season begins with a powerful solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, putting the focus on partnerships, peacekeeping, diplomacy, legal and political matters. Expect powerful changes between now and March 2024, some of which may have a karmic or restorative justice aspect to them, helping to balance the books in any situations that are unfair, stagnant or currently out of whack. ‘What comes around, goes around,’ is one way of describing this energy.

October’s eclipse forms part of a stellium of planets in Libra that includes Mercury and the south node, so don’t be surprised if legal situations or issues crop up concerning social justice, fairness or equality. Think of the Trump and FTX fraud trials – both good examples of this type of dynamic. In civil matters, legal cases are likely to progress at breakneck speed, but could also get nasty quite quickly There’s also a strong possibility of you or someone else snapping and/or reaching breaking point in other aspects of your life, especially if you’ve been overdoing it, say at work. However, this should ultimately prove to be catalytic in helping you move in a whole new, much more balanced direction.

Relationships and business partnerships are another way this astrological energy could show up. Given that we’re talking about a new moon solar eclipse, you could meet a significant other or forge some powerful new work alliances between now and next spring. Much depends on where this eclipse falls in your birthchart – use the cheatsheet below to identify what house/life area this soli-lunar event is likely to ‘activate’ for you, based on your ascendant.

With Venus opposing Saturn in Pisces at the eclipse, this possibility may seem like a distant dream at first. While it’s fair to say that this aspect can dampen one’s social life and make people feel temporarily cut off or socially isolated, it’s also really good for providing some breathing space in your social calendar if you’re feeling drained and in need of quality downtime. You could also be licking your wounds after a break-up, in which case, take this much-needed period to grieve and get things out of your system because the next phase of your life may arrive a lot faster than you think! Good news for anyone feeling lonely or out of the loop.

Often with south node eclipses, there is an element of catharsis to them, so if you feel more than ready to let go of any people, places or things that have outstayed their welcome, this could be the moment you’re finally able break free and move on. With such a strong emphasis on Libra energy, it seems likely that you’ll be able to do so in a civilised, amicable and diplomatic way too.

Thanks to Mars and Pluto, the Venus-Saturn influence should pass pretty quickly. In its wake will come an influx of new colleagues, business associates, personal besties and/or advisers and advocates who genuinely have your back and are ready to engage with you in a fair and reciprocal fashion, which should make a change for those fed up of low effort timewasters, work-shy slackers and selfish takers.

Whatever your circumstances, if you are feeling frustrated, hopeless or stuck in a rut, then get ready because this eclipse doesn’t just act as a turbo-charged new moon – it packs a real punch in terms of creating momentum. That’s because of a square between Mars and Pluto, which serves to amplify the overall Mars-Pluto signature of this eclipse, which forms part of the 7 South saros series (see below). This is likely to swiftly remove any obstacles or challenges that may have been blocking your progress, possibly as far back as 2018, wiping the slate clean and giving you a jumpstart into a brand new six month cycle during which things really start to happen for you in a dramatic way. Look back to 2005 for correlations between then and what occurs over the next six months.

However, just like the eclipses of Oct-Nov 2022, this eclipse definitely has an edge to it – something to bear in mind and be prepared for. That way you won’t blindsided by any sudden shifts, unexpected events or twists of fate that cross your path. In fact, events now could have a kind of ‘do or die’ aspect to them, resulting in situations that are a tad intimidating, daunting, dramatic or even dangerous. So be sure to keep your wits about you and be prepared to act or respond swiftly in order to maximise any opportunities and minimise any downsides that could result from unforeseen Mars-Pluto type events that crop up, like car accidents, volcanic eruptions or brawls that break out in your vicinity.

Mars is swift and sharp in its night rulership of Scorpio. It can also be very focused, stealthy but also quite lethal, often as a result of its strategic ability to master the element of surprise. Traits that can be useful in crime fighting, intelligence-gathering and competitive tournaments. Or just handy if you need to bring your A game to a board meeting, job interview or sports tryout.

However, when we add wily and persuasive Pluto, newly direct in Capricorn, into the mix, things get a bit more complicated. Pluto is one of the transpersonal planets and has recently been retracing its steps through the sign of ‘old’ money, traditional power structures and the patriarchy since it began retrograding earlier this year.

As a result, we could witness some kind of collective ‘black swan’ event during this timeframe – one that either revolves around the financial/political system or the military-industrial complex. Just saying…I am thinking particularly of tensions in the Middle East, especially in Israel and Palestine, where the situation is already at breaking point. I do think it may be significant that the last time Hamas launched a major attack on Israel was back in 2012, very close to a solar eclipse in Scorpio – so quite similar conditions to now. If you’re interested in looking for parallels between then and now, then check out my article on Astro-Insights blog.

Alternatively, this square could manifest in civil protests and strikes. Powerful plutocratic forces may be at work to stop what they may interpret as protest behaviour from foolish upstarts or rabblerousers. Think back to the period between 2010 and 2012 when we had a lot of disaffected youth and frustrated populations expressing their anger and frustration at the authorities over what they perceived to limited future prospects and political oppression via movements and events like the Arab Spring, the London Riots etc. That’s the type of dynamic we may be dealing with now.

Luckily, Saturn in sensitive and understanding Pisces will form a trine Mars, which should help to offset the potentially destructive aspects of this eclipse, bringing a modicum of stability to the situation in the form of a wise and compassionate mentor or adviser who can calm frayed tempers and talk people out of hotheaded or vengeful behaviour.

Even though this influence tends to be fairly serious, it should also help to keep any overly critical or perfectionist tendencies in check, even if it temporarily drains energy or dampens any hedonistic and/or social impulses. Right now, though, the focus needs to be on what’s healthy and in the best interests of everyone concerned, which means practising self-restraint and being more considerate than usual. Circumstances now call for a degree of caution and care. By treading lightly, you may avoid spooking or setting off volatile people or angry populations, thereby avoiding unnecessary conflict and unwanted trouble.

On another positive note, Mercury in Libra may bring messages or news that changes many things, helping to re-dress unfair, off-balance or unjust situations, or perhaps revealing hidden truths that shed light on key matters. These could help you make sense of puzzling situations or explain why something didn’t work out. They may also bring additional data/information that enables you to make an important decision, or give you more options, opening the door to fresh possibiities between now and the 2024 Spring Equinox.

All in all then, it’s probably no exaggeration to say that the next two weeks to six months are certain to be an eventful, fast-paced time, so brace yourself and be sure to ‘get your skates on,’ as they say…Eclipses are wildcards, so it’s best to be ready for anything right now. As they say in Star Wars, ‘May the Force be with you.’

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