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A lifelong lover of all things esoteric, I studied astrology formally with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. I then took a deep dive into hermetic philosophy and cosmology at the University of Kent, where I graduated from the Cosmology & Divination MA programme with first class honours.

During my time there, I was lucky enough to refine my understanding of astrology, tarot and alchemy from some really good teachers, including Angela Voss, Geoffrey Cornelius, Maggie Hyde and Patrick Curry. I also spent a year learning horary astrology with the late Vernon Wells, who proved to be an excellent teacher. My love of tarot grew out of my friendship with Carrie Paris, whose Magpie Oracle and beautiful takes on the Lenormand system remain staples in my oracle collection. You’ve probably seen me use them during readings on my YouTube channel.

My background is in information services and journalism – hence my ongoing interest in current affairs, which I like to examine through the lens of astrology via the Astro-Insights Blog. Check it out if you are interested in politics, celebrity profiles, royal baby news or Bitcoin and financial astrology.

Over the years, I’ve contributed monthly horoscope columns and eclipse predictions to a range of online and print publications, including Deborah Houlding’s Skyscript and the Energies in Action practitioner directory. More recently, I revised and updated Harold Wigglesworth’s 1973 classic for the Urania Trust, resulting in the publication of ‘The New Astrology of Towns & Cities‘ in 2014.

Sadly, my latest book, the Cosmology of Astrology, originally scheduled to be published by Eddison Books in 2020, became another victim of COVID-19 and its devastating effect on the publishing industry. After a protracted legal process, I’m currently trying to find a new home for it and will keep you updated on future availability. (If you’re a publisher of illustrated non-fiction who is interested in taking it on, then please do get in touch!) In the meantime, you can purchase a copy of my introduction to geomancy, which reflects my interest in the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm, above and below.

SOME FUN FactOIDS about Me

My Approach to Astrology

I consider myself to be an intuitive astrologer whose aim is to ground my clients in the rhythms of their own cosmic cycles; and to follow the directive of the Oracle of Delphi to ‘Know Thyself’.

Awakening People to their innate Gifts & in-built gps

I believe that everybody has innate intuitive abilities which we can learn to tap into. My job is to help awaken people to their own in-built GPS system. That way, they don’t have to rely on me to make the decisions that feel right for them.

My job is to point out key themes, repeating patterns, as well as the best times to do X or Y – not  ‘tell your fortune’. As such my readings are practically-oriented and intuitively-led, rather than predictions-based. 

In my experience, when people have the tools needed to navigate and make sense of their lives, they find a greater sense of empowerment and become more congruent when it comes to decision-making.

Catalysing Change

One of my specialities is to catalyse change and foster greater self-empowerment, especially if people feel stuck or trapped in repetitive cycles. As a ‘Uranian Vessel’ (I have a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction), I excel at helping people to see what is keeping them in a self-repeating loops and then help them to get back on track again.  However, as we all know, change is not always easy or comfortable, and there’s no ‘quick fix’ or silver bullet that does not involve feeling a bit uncomfortable or ‘doing the work’. So if you’re not really ready or committed to taking control of your destiny, and just want someone to tell your fortune, then I’m probably not the astrologer for you!

Part of my process involves opening up a dialogue between my clients and their charts. By actively working with these symbols, which are really living images, they begin to participate in an alchemical process. In and of itself, this can lead to a rewarding lifelong process of growth and change.

The more intimate we become with our inner cosmos, and the language of spirit, the more in alignment we are likely to be with our inner sense of authority, our soul mission and purpose, and the life lessons we have come here to learn.

Free Will, Fate & Destiny

I also do not believe in a fixed destiny, which is why I tend to refrain from making hard and fast predictions. Philosophically, I agree with many of the ancient philosophers, who made subtle distinctions between Fate, Fortune and Destiny. Although I do believe that as transmigratory souls, we CHOOSE certain life lessons, relationships or situations to experience before we incarnate –  your ‘Fate’ if you like –  I also believe that every human being has free will, and thus, the ability to choose a different timeline or move onto a higher path or Destiny. And as for the ups and downs of the Wheel of fickle Fortune- well, as Carrie would always say to me, the best place to deal with these changes in outer circumstances is put yourself at its centre, which for me, also goes to one’s birth chart.

Astrology gives you the tools and insights to identify what themes or cycles are currently active in your life at any given moment, but it is then up to you what you do with that information. 

As such, the choice to exercise free will can dramatically alter the outcome of any potential ‘forecast’ or reading. In the words of a former teacher, Geoffrey Cornelius: “Destiny is negotiable!” Furthermore, I also believe that while struggle is an inevitable part of the process of learning and growth here in the 3D, suffering is optional.

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