I consider myself to be an intuitive astrologer whose aim is to help ground my clients in the rhythms of their own personal cosmic cycles, identify key planetary patterns in their lives and ultimately, empower people to follow the directive of the Oracle of Delphi to ‘Know Thyself’.

I believe everybody has innate intuitive gifts and that my job is to help awaken people to their own in-built GPS system so that they don’t have to rely on me  – or any other reader for that matter – to make the decisions that feel right for them. I don’t believe in creating a co-dependent relationship with my clients, but instead strive to foster greater self-awareness and empower my clients so that they can lead their best lives and grow into healthier, happier, and more authentic versions of themselves.

My job is to point out key themes, repeating patterns, as well as the best times to do X or Y – not  ‘tell your fortune’. As such my readings are practically-oriented and intuitively-led, rather than predictions-based. 

One of my specialities is to catalyse change, especially if people feel disempowered or trapped in repetitive cycles. As a ‘Uranian Vessel’, I excel at identifying where people are stuck, not standing in their truth, feel like an outsider, or are not accepting of their own unique quirks and gifts, and then help them to get back on track again.  As we all know, though, change is not always easy or comfortable, so if you are not really ready or committed to taking control of your destiny, then I am probably not the astrologer for you! Uranus can be a bit of a disrupter and I seem to have a ‘jump start’ effect on many people’s growth, often through no fault or action of my own! In this sense, I am a great believer in the power of Human Design and the way that some individuals just happen to ‘switch on’ certain energetic channels or centres in others, depending on their ‘design’.

Astrology gives you the tools and insights to identify what themes or cycles are currently active in your life at any given moment, but it is then up to you what you do with that information. 

I also do not believe in a fixed fate. Philosophically, I agree with many of the ancient philosophers, who made subtle distinctions between Fate, Fortune and Destiny. Although I do believe that as transmigratory souls, we choose certain life lessons, relationships or situations to experience before we incarnate:  one’s ‘Fate’ if you like –  I also believe that every human being has free will, and thus, the ability to choose a different timeline or move onto a higher path or Destiny. 

Fortune, to me, is similar to the medieval goddess Fortuna or Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, and represents external social forces, events, people we encounter and opportunities that may cross our path, both good or bad, to which we have the ability to respond to, capitalise on, or learn lessons from. 

Much like the movie, ‘Sliding Doors’, one choice or decision can dramatically alter the outcome of any potential ‘forecast’ or reading. In the words of a former teacher, Geoffrey Cornelius: “Destiny is negotiable!” Furthermore, I also believe that while struggle is an inevitable part of the process of learning and growth, suffering is optional.

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