“Lisa has been giving me accurate and insightful readings for years. About love, career and all sorts of other crises. More than once, I’ve been able to avert disaster or find the right path, thanks to the guidance of her horary reports and readings she has given me. I highly recommend her.”
Vicky, 35, Germany

“Lisa did a Relocation Report for me, and I’ve got to say that it really helped me a lot. More then making it easier for me to decide which direction to choose at that particular moment of my life, it also alerted me about things that were going to come, and in the end, it was super accurate.”
Juarez, 33, Brazil

“Lisa’s readings are very insightful and she is always open to input or questions where I am unsure about exactly what I want to ask/know. The written reports and readings are also pretty detailed, giving you plenty of information to go on. I always feel more empowered with regards to life choices after I have consulted her.”
Maria, 36, Portugal

“Lisa did my first astrology reading about 7 years ago and I was dazzled by how accurate it was. Not only did it outline the main principles of astrology, but many of the predictions actually came true! Since then, I have had several other types of readings, which all had the same level of authority and accuracy. Lisa also explains the positions of the planets and how it all fits together which gives context to the reading, especially if you have no prior knowledge like me.  I would highly recommend Lisa, as she has an interest in you as a person which makes for an excellent, personal service.”
Lucy, 41, London

“If there is one word I would use to to  describe Lisa’s astrology work, it is professionalism. She also has a lot of empathy and humanity and is always open to answering questions or clarifying things.

What I like the most about her readings (and this is why I keep on coming back to her when I feel I am at a crossroads in my life) is that she explains to you very much in detail – and in a logical way – what is happening in the Cosmos and why this might be affecting you at that moment. She also identifies all the possible options that may be at your disposal, so that you are more empowered to make better choices regarding your goals.

Don’t expect to get a “This is your future” type of message, though. Instead, you get much more than that:  a detailed astrological description of your situation and an enormous amount of information about you, the  possibilities hidden in your situation,  and the best & worst moments to make moves or changes. As she always says – “You still have free will and the freedom to make your own decisions”…and after one of her readings, you certainly feel empowered enough to do so!”
Marta, 24, Spain

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