Astrology is most empowering and effective when used as a tool to guide you through the personal phases and natural cycles of your own life. We offer a number of ways that enable you tune into your own astrological patterns, from one-to-one consultations via Skype, to beautifully illustrated personalised astro-reports.

Astrology Reports

For price information, sample reports or to order one of my informative and gorgeously illustrated astrology reports, please visit the AstrologySphere Shop. These are all customised to your specific date, time and place of birth and so are 100% unique to you.

Here you can also read some reviews left by satisfied clients. Some of my most popular reports include the Solar Return report (Birthday Year Ahead) and the Relationship Synastry Report, but I offer a whole range of  reports designed to cover the most important aspects of your life, from love to money to children and even relocation advice.

Special Requests/Bespoke Reports

If you have a specific request for a bespoke astro-report that doesn’t quite fit the mould of any of our regular categories, or would like to discuss which report might be right for you, please feel free to contact me – I am very happy to tailor something just for you.

One-to-One Consultations

I also offer one-to-one readings by phone or video call. If you’re keen to book a personal consultation, please contact me to arrange a time that suits you and to discuss your individual requirements.

I offer astrology counselling on most areas of life, including relationships, wwork, personal development as well as horary consulations, which is useful if you have a very specific practical or mundane issue or question you would like answered. These can vary from ‘Where are my keys?’ to ‘Will I succeed in the job interview?’ or ‘Should I buy this house?’

Please note that for legal purposes, all readings and reports are considered to be a rough guide/for entertainment purposes only. Astrology is not a science, circumstances change and so predictions cannnot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. YOU are held accountable for any choices/decisions YOU make after receiving any astrology reading or report.

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