April 2018 Skylights

April 2018 Astro-Insights

We begin April on a rather sombre footing, care of a Mars-Saturn conjunction and a retrograde Mercury. However, a week later, things begin to look very different, thanks to a rather sexy and enchanting hook-up between Venus, Mars and Neptune – love and inspiration will be in the air! Enjoy this respite because from the 17th, pivotal moments and life changing decisions could also be on the horizon, as outer planets Pluto and Jupiter meet with several of the personal planets for some mega transits. Be sure you are paying attention during the second half of the month because the heavens are likely to remind us all that life is not a dress rehearsal, especially when it comes to the important stuff.

April Skylights:

4-5 April – Mercury square Mars & Saturn. No sooner do Mars and Saturn combine forces (2nd) to help us push through obstacles and put a bit of shoulder into realizing our ambitions or putting plans into action, then a retrograde Mercury upsets the apple cart by running interference. Errors, miscommunications and general spleen venting or ‘me first’ thinking could get in the way of progress now. Decision-making could also become a little flawed, so think carefully before committing to certain arrangements, or confirming any bookings. Soon, Mercury will station and new, better opportunities could come your way, care of Jupiter and Mars, so you may want to keep your options open for a little while longer.

7 April – Venus trine Saturn. Today the planet of love and the great manifestor combine forces to encourage romantic commitments and solidify creative collaborations. With Venus currently traveling through fertile, abundant Taurus, it’s time to enjoy (and invest in) all things earthy, fertile and sensuous. Plans or projects involving fashion, fabric, food, farming or beauty should all benefit from this major cosmic blessing. Artists could do some seriously good work now, whilst creative types could land solid and lucrative work contracts, perhaps through a social connection. Feel free to negotiate contracts and and make promises to loved ones now, especially if you have a lot of earth signs in your birth chart.

11-14 April – Venus trine Mars, sextile Neptune. Love, dance, competitive sports,  music, poetry, romance, beauty, fashion and the visual arts all get a major thumbs up care of a series of positive transits between the planets of beauty, love, inspiration and passion. See this as the perfect opportunity to indulge in sensual pleasures, enhance your appearance, or go shopping for more figure-enhancing outfits. Creatively, this should be an especially productive and inspiring time for composers, choreographers, film-makers, sculptors and photographers. Any activity combining physical effort, lyrical/creative ability and beauty/elegance/pleasure are all well-starred now.  Singles could also meet someone who embodies their ideal partner, or meets many criteria on their ‘wish list’, particularly when it comes to looks and physique.

14 April – Jupiter sextile Pluto. Pivotal decisions, mystical experiences and ethical forks in the road are all possible now, care of an intense but harmonious meet-up between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Get ready to experience some profound shifts in your belief systems, or understanding about life, the universe and everything. This powerful transit could bring about deeply transformative, mind-blowing, even life-altering lessons your way – ones that stand to change your relationship to key social institutions, from the law, to education and even politics. Socially, this could also be an important time when positive political, legal or social reforms are introduced which improve the lives of those who have previously been abused or victimised for their sexual preferences or political affiliations.

15 April  – Mercury Direct. After causing all sorts of communication chaos and transport mischief, the planet of intellect, commerce and travel stations today before changing direction tomorrow. As a result, there are likely to be far fewer bust-ups or confrontations on roads, planes and trains. Not to mention fewer arguments caused by miscommunications. And just in time for the Aries New Moon too – phew!

17 April – Venus oppositon Jupiter trine Pluto. Need to make some important changes to your relationships or creative process? Then this is your moment. Just don’t over do it and throw the baby out with the bathwater – the Jupiter-Venus opposition calls for balance, rather than extremism. This transit is also excellent for transforming appearances – so schedule those makeovers, consultation with the hair stylist for now. Of course, it may be your love or sex life that needs an overhaul, in which case, don’t waste a second hesitating – take the plunge! Just make sure that style and substance gel now or the new you won’t last…

18 April – Saturn Retrograde. Many will breathe a sigh of relief when Saturn turns retrograde in Capricorn. Planning for old age and being constantly earnest and focused on achieving and fulfilling obligations can be a rather exhausting business, even for serious Saturn. See the period between now and 6 September as a chance to ease up a little on being so organized and square – and exhale a little before you resume responsible duties in the autumn.

22 April – Pluto Retrograde. The planet of karma, transformation, passion and drama is also set to change direction this month. if life has been a bit intense of late, you’ll be glad to get a bit of a break from this energy. However, be warned: if you didn’t learn some important lessons the first time, then you may need to prepare yourself for a spot of karmic deja vu…

24-26 April – Mars sextile Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Wish you could turn back the clock on your aging body? Constantly going over how you chose to deal with a past situation and regretting your actions? If so, then now’s your chance to press rewind! Use this rare but super-charged set of transits to to fix past situations, decisions or actions so that they better reflect your beliefs and morals: apologize, rectify, repair. In essence, choose to act with integrity and walk your talk this time around. Doing so could really transform not just your own personal circumstances, but also contribute to the reform of larger systems or social institutions. So lead by example now and show everyone what you are made of. This could also be a very productive and healing time for you and the planet – or incredibly destructive – even violent, depending on how you choose to channel your aggression/anger. This is warrior energy deluxe. Combined with the organised and efficient, but potentially razor-sharp Virgo Moon and an intense but magnetic Jupiter, this could be a highly productive time. Use it to make powerful, long-lasting structural changes to your life, and you’ll never look back. Just don’t be too selfish, nasty or ruthless about getting what you want, or you could make some unnecessary but formidable enemies.

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