Clarity and coherence are two big themes at the Virgo New Moon. Over the next two weeks, we are being asked to simplify our lives and get really clear about our physical and emotional needs, as well as our plans and priorities for the future.

Helping us to cut through the noise of all the external ‘shoulds’ and clear out the mental clutter will be a contact between the luminaries and determined, contemplative Saturn. Use this to exercise discernment and become really focused on what you want to manifest in your life because this earth trine packs a punch!

Step by step improvements to health, wellbeing, diet and routines are also possible during this waxing Moon phase, if we resolve to be disciplined and create a plan, despite any resistance or obstacles thrown up by the ongoing square between Mars and Saturn that has been active all month.

Joy and diligence in spite of frustration – that ‘chin up’ spirit that the Brits are so well-known for, is also favoured under this particular set of cosmic energies, as can adopting a flexible, ‘can do’ attitude in order to find workarounds to Mars retrograde delays, obstacles or hiccups.

The only thing to watch out for is biting off more than you can chew, or of judgement, whether of yourself or via criticism from more short-sighted or conservative peers – a distinct possibility, c/o a square to Jupiter, planet of religion, culture, ethics and the law.

However, with outdated systems and social structures in the process of breaking down – something highlighted by the return of Saturn and Pluto to the positions they occupied back in January-February – it’s a never been more important to align with your inner compass and act from a place of sovereignty, rather than seek validation from others or simply react to external events.

The key is to find ways to create greater personal coherence – ie. harmony between the different levels of your body, mind, soul and spirit. This will go a long way towards helping you gain the clarity you need to navigate through what are likely to be an increasingly volatile few months.

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This week’s Pisces Full Moon promises to be a time of insight & clarity – as well as bountiful harvests, thanks to a series of positive earth aspects between the luminaries to Uranus; as well as Mercury contacts to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

There could be some big reveals and surprise confessions in relation to matters of the heart now. Equally, this could also be a time of major psychological realisations that lead to us letting go of unrealistic expectations or hopeless causes in favour of healthier, more fulfilling situations.

The September Corn Moon is a wonderful combination of earth and water energy that leads to major leaps forward and rewards for past efforts. The clue is in the date!

Expect to feel all the feels whilst also having super sensitive – but highly accurate – intuitive antennae – a quality highlighted by the Sabian symbol for this lunar phase which is all about the search for illumination.

Venus will also be making a conjunction with Procyon, a star associated with tech innovations, as well as leaps forward in green energy and sustainable agricultural practices – hopefully we will see some announcements or product launches in this area over the next two weeks.

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Get ready for a major shift in the energies as we get closer to the New Moon in Leo on August 19th.

The Sabian symbol for this particular lunation is ‘A New Dawn‘ and in many ways, this is really all about upbeat solar energy – a metaphorical return of the light to the upper skies after a fairly deep and lengthy sojourn in the shadows of the underworld, a journey that began at the Capricorn lunar eclipse.

This image syncs in quite beautifully with the symbolism of the Lions Gate Portal, which is steeped in ancient Egyptian spirituality and cosmology. For me, this evokes the image of Ra Khepri – the irridescent scarab beetle – which for the ancient Egyptians, represented resurrection – the rebirth of the sun god on the horizon at daybreak, bringing with it a return of the life-giving force of the Sun to the Earth.

Energetically, I think this will coincide with an upsurge of light and outpouring of love from the heart and solar plexus chakras – an alchemical aurora consurgens after the recent Tower moments precipitated by the Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto squares.

Unlike the July and August Full Moons, which were plagued with a lot of cosmic static in the form of intense and challenging aspects to Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, the Leo New Moon coincides with a number of positive planetary transits, including a ‘let’s make it happen’ Mercury-Mars fire trine and a popping Venus-Uranus sextile. The former promises fast shifts and forward movement after a period of stagnation and confusion, while the latter could bring with it unexpected good news about love or abundance. So, many reasons to celebrate!

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August’s highly charged Aquarius Full Moon is all about healing the past and energtic uplevelling, thanks to some positive aspects between the luminaries and Chiron.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon puts the focus front and centre on the ascension process with its stair metaphor – let’s not forget that it occurs smack bang in the middle of the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal, which in itself, is set to create some fairly seismic frequency shifts.

And with Uranus, planet of shock and awe, catalysing some lightning speed tower moments and personal awakenings, you may be surprised at where you find yourself by the end of this two week lunar phase.

We also have a number of oppositions occurring between Mercury and the three outer planets currently retrograde in Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – both before and after this particular Full Moon, which could indicate feeling split or polarized between heart and head. We may find ourselves at crossroads, or be faced with a number of important choices.

Although you may be feeling tense and anxious as a result of the extra electrical energy surging through your nervous system from Uranus, or under pressure to make decisions quickly due to a cardinal Mars-Jupiter square, this may not actually be the case. So wherever possible, try to ground yourself and slow things down in order to work through those nervous physical charges and come back to a place of calm and centredness.

That way, you get to look before you leap, rather than do the knee-jerk lemming thing that our reptilian fight or flight system tends to do when triggered. This was the clear message from the Lions Gate Portal I Ching Divination – earth yourself (Hex 2) before riding the elephant (Hex 16), which is large, graceful and powerful and never moves quickly. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

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July the 26th marked the opening of the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal, an annual cosmic event that will peak on 8 August and remain open until approximately the 12th. Astrologically, this marks the time when Sirius, the brightest star in our galaxy, rises heliacally with the Sun at dawn from the lattitude of Egypt, which is located very close to the Tropic of Cancer.

Unsurprisingly then, this annual meeting of Sirius and the Sun was considered to be a very important event by the ancient Egyptians. After all, it marks the time of year when the two most luminescent stars in our galaxy come together to combine their light along the line of the horizon. From a spiritual point of view, this is blending of two suns – for every star is a sun, after all – something we tend to forget.

For the Egyptians, crossing the horizon marked the moment of rebirth – something the Sun did every day at dawn, when it emerged from its nightly journey through the Dwat or underworld.

So much so, that this event became an important part of their New Year celebrations – a festival designed to celebrate the return of the Nile floods – and therefore, of the life-giving waters that brought fertility and abundance back to the parched desert sands of the delta region.

In addition to being the brightest star in the sky, Sirius was important to the ancient Egyptians for other reasons. It was considered to be the power behind the sun. The sun kept the physical body alive and Sirius kept the spiritual body alive.

Sirius was associated with Isis, the mother goddess of the earth, who is part of the trinity of Egyptian mythology. The Great Pyramid of Giza is said to be built in alignment with Sirius.

Ancient Egypt online

The Nile delta forms part of what is known as Lower Egypt and that, for much of its history, Egypt was divided into two parts, which is why it is often referred to as the land of the two crowns.

Lions Gate Portal 2020

According to several Starseed channels, including Abigail Wainwright, this year’s event will be especially intense as we receive a large amount of lightcodes from the Sirius star system designed to accelerate the Ascension process. These involve upgrading both the physical body and spiritual ‘lightbody.’

Abigail Wainwright describes it thus:

This Lions Gate Portal is about opening more fully to this divine light & the embodiment of the soul within a physical form. It is a significant part of the awakening process. It is going to be felt deeply for all on a path to restoration on all levels of being

Abigail Wainwright

In Western numerology, this event has become more closely aligned with the symbolism of the number eight, which is all about transformation, transmutation, as well as the relationship between spirit and matter. So, a death and rebirth experience that has echoes of the astrological sign of Scorpio and its rulership of the 8th house.

Death, Rebirth and the Horizon

Astrology has a long relationship with ancient Egypt (Western astrology was essentially ‘born’ here), so it should come as no surprise that the concept of the Ascendant – marked by the star constellation that is rising at birth – has close ties to Egyptian religion and the importance they placed on horizon events, particularly those associated with the Sun.

They believed that the Sun god travelled around the earth every day in a boat, rising at dawn, culminating at midday and then sinking into the underworld on sunset. Here the Sun would battle with the powers of darkness, the demons of the underworld, dying like Osiris at midnight, before being reborn on the horizon again at dawn.

Thus, as Abigail points out, this Lion’s Gate activation – or spiritual ‘rebirth’ may require a trip or two into the underworld – a breaking down and purging of shadow energy in order to rebuild, all of which fits perfectly with the symbolism of Pluto-ruled Scorpio and the number 8 in western numerology.

So, don’t be surprised if you are feeling much more raw and emotional than usual, or are experiencing what is sometimes known as ‘ascension flu’ symptoms. (Which in itself, can make you a little paranoid, right?!) I have certainly been feeling this energy since the lunar eclipse.

The good news is that after any period of darkness or confusion comes a new dawn – a breaking through into the upper sky at the liminal point of transition at the level of your own horizon – a return to our soul’s original and pristine state, before incarnation into the body and the suffering and mental conditioning that that often brings.

But first, a surrender to the divine feminine, goddess of the womb of creation, – the dark earth of Gaia and the inner field where new seeds are planted and new codes are activated within our DNA. This is all about re-imagining our relationship with Mother Earth – and moving away from the divisive male-female, light vs dark dualistic paradigm that pits everything earthly or ‘lower’ as inferior, (and which I see as part of the fears and shadows of the collective unconscious in the Western psyche) but simply a necessary component of polarity, which is part of the intrinsic nature of the 3rd dimension. Not seeing the lower world of the Dwat as demonic or hellish, but instead, as a place of rebirth, fertility and renewal, much as the ancient Egyptians did. These ideas resonate strongly with the messages that came out of the I Ching reading I did for the Lions Gate portal. Check it out on my YouTube channel.

According to Maria Baretta, another celestial channel and energy alchemist, the 2020 Lions Gate Portal is all about what she calls ‘higher heart awakening’ when new regions of the heart chakra associated with aquamarine light and higher forms of love (those associated with the planet Neptune), will be activated. This process may also open up new spiritual gifts or extra-sensory perception, but of course, this comes with the potential to feel more sensitive and vulnerable in the short term, (feelings amplified by the ingress of Venus into Cancer on August 7) with empaths and sensitives most likely to be feeling the pain of the collective – something I can definitely attest to.

On her Instagram account, she writes:

Through the Lions Gate portal, many will be awakening to even more advanced higher dimensional skills. There is a strong emphasis on communities (higher dimensions) coming together to begin building. This is a new phase – the last six months were about individuality – the next six – building with others. Stay open now, despite what you may feel or what seems to be happening.

One Precious Light


In many ways, July’s New Moon serves as ACT II to the energies activated by the Solstice Solar Eclipse, which occurred in the early degrees of Cancer. This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a row, which for me, is the cosmos’ way of trying to underline how important the June solstice energies – and the six month cycle that began at the solar eclipse – are for us in terms of preparing us for the rest of 2020.

The June and July New Moons took place in the first and last degrees of Cancer – both considered by Arabic astrologers to be the most powerful and potent sectors of any zodiac sign – so I think it is important for us to pay attention to what this particular ‘zone’ of the zodiac is all about.

This is the time of year when the contrast between the light and the shadows are at their greatest. Whether we are in the northern or southern hemisphere, the solstices mark the point of greatest light/dark; whilst the month that follows is generally when we experience big spikes, or fluctuations in, temperature.

Dog Days, Canis Major and Minor

So, for example, in the northern hemisphere, the 40 days between 3 July and 11 August used to be known as the ‘dog days’ because they coincide with both the hottest time of the year and the heliacal rising (that is, rising with the Sun at dawn) of Canis Major, the Dog Star, which we know, of course, as Sirius. Just think back to 2019 and all the wildfires that erupted around the planet at this time.

However, as it turns out, this story may have arisen out of a mixup between the mythology of the two so-called ‘dog stars’. Rather than Sirius, whose heliacal rising star is associated with Sothis (Isis), the Egyptian Great Mother and the coming of the fertile Nile inundation (and therefore, with the maternal water sign of Cancer), the ‘dog star in question was actually Canis Minor, whose alpha star is Procyon, which the Greeks sometimes associated with a fox (for starters,it is red, and it has a brushed tail that can look as if it is on fire).

POSTSCRIPT: I didn’t realise it when I wrote this blog post, but Procyon is another star associated with Starseeds. You can read all about Procyon starseeds at the Starseeds

It is this so-called “Teumessian Fox” of Canis Minor, which rises BEFORE Sirius (Canis MAJOR) at this time of the year, that is associated with wildfire season in the northern hemisphere. Of course, we do also have to mention that the searing quality of Sirius could also be due to an association with Sekhmet, the fierce and fiery aspect of the mother goddess that the Egyptians associated with the protective energy of a mother lioness for her cubs.

Dogs and Foxes – False vs True Soulmates

At any rate, what I find interesting is that in Leormand cartomancy, the Dog is sometimes associated with the loyal and unchanging love of a soulmate, whereas the fox is associated with cunning, deception and a Mercurial or trickster-like temperament – the shape-shifter who appears one way but can morph into something else. Now, this can be the metis-like streetwise cunning that we sometimes need to employ in tricky situations order to ensure our survival; or it can be about something a little more ‘smoke and mirrors’. More on which below…

A medieval woodcut showing the canis major and minor, or dog and fox as the higher (tamed) or lower (wild) parts of our emotional nature

New Moon Energies – Karmic Test before a Major Blessing

So, back to our forecast!

This New Moon will take place at around 28-29 degrees of Cancer. Now, Procyon is currently located at roughly the celestial longitude of 25 degrees of Cancer, while Sirius is closer to the longitude of 14 Cancer (so smack bang in the middle of the sign). So, unlike the last two eclipses, where first Mercury and then the Sun, were conjunct Sirius, this New Moon will fall closer to the fox (canis minor) than the dog star (canis major).

In addition, the Sabian Symbol for the degree of the July New Moon, is: A Greek Muse weighs newly-born twins on a pair of golden scales.

What this means for me is that:

a) There will be an element of dualistic, mirroring, trickster type of energy at work during this particular moon phase, which is likely to begin one way, but end very differently – in other words, appearances are likely to be deceptive now, so we need to use our discernment (the scales = weighing things to make sure they ‘add up‘) to tell light from shade, truth from deception, and not fall prey to knee-jerk reactions, especially when it comes to circumstances or external developments. This may prove to be a major karmic test of some kind to see if your intuition (what Henry Corbin called the ‘eye of the heart’) has been fine-tuned enough to see through the veil of deception;

b) We need to take our lead from the stars and the order of their rising according to primary motion (which moves in the opposite direction to that of the stars – from east to west ie. left to right, not west to east ie. right to left!) when it comes to understanding how events are likely to unfold: The name ‘Procyon’ is Greek for ‘before the dog’, because it precedes, or rises BEFORE the “Dog Star” Sirius in terms of the daily east-west movement of the stars caused by Earth’s rotation.

Symbolically, this means that the fox (faker/imposter) will often precede the arrival of the real deal, ie the dog, synonymous with loyalty and unconditional love. So, for me, this may well be synonymous of the spiritual test that occurs before a major blessing. How often, for example, in love, do people encounter the false soulmate (sometimes called the false twin), who hurts and lies to them, before the ‘real deal’ turned up?! A similar chain of events is also at work in this particular lunar phase.

The Moon from the Rider-Waite tarot (Source: Wikipedia)

Neptune – Illusions vs Intuition

These themes are likely to be further enhanced by the two Neptune transits set to take place at the end of July on the same day – one, a positive sextile to Jupiter (= blessings); and the other, a challenging and deceptive square to Venus (tests).

Given this dilemma isn’t it interesting that on the Rider-Waite version of The Moon trump card, we have a dog and a fox or wolf, here coloured red, both howling at what looks like either a full moon, or an eclipse. How perfect! Also, given the Neptune influences, it is rather fitting that we have a crustacean emerging from the sea…

So rather than two people, this energy could also represent having to choose between your tame vs your wild sides – or distinguish between the part of you that has been conditioned, perhaps by trauma or false beliefs vs those canny, raw survival instincts that often work with intuition to keep us alive.

The key here is to use your discernment – because, as we know, things look very different in the moonlight to the way they do during the day. So, keeping a firm grip on both blind optimism and nameless fears or knee-jerk responses triggered by past trauma will be important if you are to avoid the trap of illusion generated by the Venus-Neptune square.


My interpretation of this energy, based on my geoscope readings for all the 12 signs, is that:

The Strength card in the Ride-Waite Tarot
  • The lunar month (from mid-July to mid-Aug) will not end the same way that it began (things will actually improve as the month goes on and we get further into Leo season and the opening of the 888 portal with all its leonine, Sirian energy) . Think of the ebb and flow of the tides, or the lapping of ocean waves as they push onto, and then pull back from, the seashore – that is how this month’s energy is likely to feel, especially at first.
  • We also need to ensure that we look after ourselves, protect our energy and stay safe so that we can side-step or avoid the illusions, traps and snares of the cunning fox (which does not have to be another person – it can be the shadow side of our own mind – our ego, with all its fears and false pride).

    This theme is heightened by an opposition between the luminaries in Cancer and a retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which is calling on us to focus on developing inner strength, master our ego and lower nature/passions (think of the Tarot card, Strength, associated with the sign of Leo, which the Sun will ingress into on 22 July). And then, just like the Sun and the Moon, which rule the signs of Cancer and Leo, the masculine and feminine aspects of love and the heart chakra, we must strive to find ways to balance the giving (Cancer) and receiving (Leo) of love, the need for self-care and self-protection (Cancer) vs the need to lead, be strong and look out for others (Leo), especially those more vulnerable who can’t take care of themselves.

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So, LOTS going on!


The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is likely to be a powerful one for a number of reasons:

  1. It is the LAST eclipse in the Cancer-Capricorn axis before we finally move fully into the new 18 month cycle of Gemini-Sagittarius nodal energy which will colour all eclipses between now and Dec 2021.

2. It will also occur during the annual Sirian alignment, when the Sun and earth align with Sirius from the sign of Cancer. However, this year, there is an additional twist: at the Full Moon eclipse, the Moon will join this alignment, but from the other side of the zodiac (Capricorn). This means that at the lunar eclipse, the luminaries will form a polar axis of energy that will connect the alpha stars of BOTH Lyra AND SiriusVega and Canis Majoris. At the centre will be the Earth! Wow, right?

So, what is this likely to mean? In a nutshell, this alignment seems to indicate a balancing of polar energies, As an astrologer, this indicates to me an opportunity for important balancing of opposites or paradigm-shifting via a connection/collaboration between what are reported to be two of the oldest star nations in our galaxy, both of whom are thought to be responsible for seeding and shaping the human race.

According to Aspen Rain of The Starseeds Compass:

Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy and have incarnated into several other star systems including Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades. Lyran beings are diverse in appearance but they have some common behavioral traits. All Lyrans are humanoid and are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.

The Starseeds Compass

So, historically, there is a link between Lyrans and Sirians. This may well be amplified (or perhaps alternatively, polarised, depending on where you stand in the dualistic spectrum) at the eclipse.

The key to understanding what type of shifts to expect may well lie in the energetic body – according to Aspen, Lyrans are masters of the root chakra, which is all about survival, physical wellbeing and abundance; while Sirians are adepts of the sacral and throat chakras, governing self-expression, confidence, self-empowerment, as well as victim-victimiser patterns. All of which seem to suggests the possibility of new healing modalities (possibly using a combination of fire and water) or earth-friendly technologies and innovations arising out of a joining-up of Lyran and Sirian civilisations – combining the best of both worlds, so to speak.

A balancing of masculine and feminine energies?

This is already part of the signature of this eclipse via the alingment of Sun & Moon, Cancer & Capricorn, but perhaps this may be taken to a new, more galactic level via this star alignment and activation. Aspen says that Lyrans have a strong Divine Masculine energy, while Sirius, certainly according to the ancient Egyptians, was closely associated with the Divine Feminine. They called this star Sothis, and saw her as representing their mother goddess, Isis. (Orion, on the other hand, represented Osiris). I look forward to seeing what starseed channels connected to those two star systems have to say. about this particular starseed activation

Special Importance for the US

3. Taking place very close to Independence Day in the US, a few hours after 4th of July celebrations, the Capricorn lunar eclipse could also prove to be significant for America – not only will the eclipse Sun and Moon be making EXACT contact with the Cancer Sun in the US Sibley chart, but the luminaries will also be forming a T-square to the US Saturn in Libra.

With a retrograde Saturn having just regressed back into Capricorn in time for the eclipse, I think it likely that this eclipse will precipitate a collective karmic test relating to authority, national identity and the rule of law. With transiting Mars in Aries also making a square to the US Jupiter, it’s possible that we could see a flare up in violence or civil unrest, perhaps with connections to previous Lyran wars. I have been meaning to finish a post on the upcoming lunar eclipse for my Astroinsights Blog, so will look in more detail at the US chart then.

Interestingly, the US Sibley chart has the Sun in Cancer conjunct Sirius, making it a very important fixed star in terms of American national identity, so whatever happens as a result of the Sirius-Lyra eclipse alignment could also affect the United States too. Given the importance of independence, democracy and individual liberty, both to the US and the Lyrans, this may well be a key theme running through whatever events transpire at this time, and in the two weeks that follow.

For more details, check out my video forecast on the Cosmic Weather of the July Lunar Eclipse.


July’s Rose Moon Lunar Eclipse will be the twin or mirror image of June’s Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

With a new six month soli-lunar cycle now underway, care of the solar eclipse, it’s time to see what is now culminating or closing out from the last one. Or even the two before that – this eclipse will happen in a very similar position in the zodiac to the January 2019 solar eclipse in Capricorn, so there may be links to events precipitated back then.

The eclipsed Moon will also make an earth trine to Uranus in Taurus, which signals a change of heart or a paradigm shift of some kind, particularly when it comes to diet, ingrained habits and matters of the heart. This energy is all about unexpected shifts and the need to pivoting internally.

How this is likely to play out for you personally will depend largely on where Uranus and the Moon fall in your natal chart. Short of getting a personal astrology consultation, the next best thing might be to check out my eclipse horoscopes – available exclusively to AstrologySphere members. Join now if you’re curious – it’s FREE.

Failing that, why not check out my July Eclipse Geoscopes on YouTube? I have created individual forecasts for each of the 12 zodiac signs.


The Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer that occurs on 21 June 2020 will begin a brand new six month cycle for the collective. No doubt this will come as welcome news to many, given that the last soli-lunar cycle, which was over-shadowed by the Capricorn Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, didn’t exactly turn out to be a picnic.

Luckily, this particular eclipse promises to be a completely different animal. Light-oriented and hope-filled, it will coincide with opening of the Sirius stargate, marked by the solstice and the heliacal rising of the two great ‘Suns’ of our galaxy, an astrological alignment made famous by the ancient Egyptians in their New Year festival, which was focused on abundance, fertility, life-force energy and the healing power of their mother goddess, Isis.

Mercury, currently retrograde in nostalgic and emotional Cancer, will join with Sirius – the brightest star in our galaxy – at the eclipse, to usher in a time of great ‘rememberings’ of past life gifts and wisdom; as well as an opportunity to release challenging beliefs and difficult ancestral karma. This meeting of human and cosmic minds has the potential to activate a surge in downloads and lightcodes from the Higher Dimensions, leading to spiritual awakenings and aha moments for many on the planet, particularly around relationships, parenting, and self-love, as well as how we choose to live and nourish ourselves in the future. For change is certainly on the cards, something that is likely to be accelerated by both the June-July eclipses and the second conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto since April.

In a continuation of the themes around beliefs, judgements and communication raised at the June Full Moon, a mutable T-square to Mars in Pisces will open up further opportunities for dialogue and growth, around how to free ourselves from the bondage of heavy karmic cycles and toxic patterns. For the collective, this will centre heavily around Orion ‘warrior’ themes, which have been so active, along with the planet of strife and war, Mars, since the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, with its Mars T-square and Orion Gateway alignments.

Coming as it does at the start of what is set to be a HUGE 10 days astrologically-speaking, this soli-lunar event is likely to feel highly charged and energetically expansive and upbeat, helped by the heart-opening and uplifting energy of Jupiter, which is set to make its second conjunction to Pluto on June 30. It’s worth remembering that this was also the energy of revolution and revelation that opened up the 444 gateway in April. Once again, humanity is being offered the opportunity for a major reset – will we choose take it?

To help you navigate through these energies and help you ease into the weekend, I have prepared some Eclipse Geoscopes on my YouTube channel. Enjoy!


This year’s Orion Alignment happens to coincide with the period between the Sagittarius lunar eclipse of 5 June (the centaur who is also a hunter/archer) and the Cancer solar eclipse on 21 June when we begin a fresh six month soli-lunar cycle. One that will take us to the December 2020 solstice portal, which leads to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, activated by a fresh set of eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis in November-December (which happens to coincide with the US mid-term elections).

This ‘gateway’ period between 5 and 20 June is likely to be a time of major information downloads, flashes of insight, knowledge upgrades and realisations, as well as a surfacing of memories from past lifetimes on Orion, which could lead to a reclaiming of latent gifts or abilities cultivated during previous incarnations.

This is also a great time to heal solar plexus issues (and therefore the old paradigm of relationships based on manipulation and the exertion of our willpower in order to get what we want). Instead, it signals a time to find new ways to express our ideas and beliefs, and assert our points of view, philosophical beliefs and intellectual needs that do not result in arguments, violence or clashes of will/ideas/politics. Venus will be travelling with the Sun, reminding us to ‘make love and not war’ and to focus on empowering ourselves and stepping into our sovereignty, rather than descending into chaos, guilt-persecution cycles, and/or victim-perpetrator consciousness.

In fact, I see it as a window in which to ‘unlearn’ some outdated ‘warrior’/fight or flight responses to differences in opinions, morals, ethics, perspectives, views, and beliefs, as well as interpretations of natural/man=made laws and how to enforce them. These are all Gemini-Sagittarius issues highlighted by the polar opposite energies of the Sun in Gemini (= ideas, politics, media, communication, persuasion) and Moon in Sagittarius (= beliefs, philosophies, faith, ‘preaching’, ethics, the law and judgement) at the time of the lunar eclipse, which is all about closing out cycles, releasing old patterns and transmuting/resolving karmic issues. Not knee-jerk reactions, mass hysteria or triggered behaviour.

No form of violence can ever be excused in a society that wishes to call itself decent.

Nelson Mandela

Beyond the Victim-Bully Paradigm

There is a reason why Mars was at the head of a T-square to both the luminaries at this particular eclipse. It is telling us that the Martian ‘might is right’ attitude (police in the US) as well as its corollary response, the idea of rioting, demonstrating or marching against/fighting any cause, which is equally combative/defensive – needs to be moved through and transcended. This is Orion dualism (separation consciousness) and warrior karma associated with a galactic event known as Orion’s War, which we now have the opportunity to clear and transmute.

Viewed from a higher perspective, it is important to remember that our souls do not identify with skin colour, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or any other social structure or power-based ideology.These are 3D illusions, designed to teach us important soul lessons here on Earth School – but nothing more. The soul is ABOVE identity politics, religious creeds or any other intellectual/social construct not based in love, and this needs to be borne in mind when it comes to the present chaos and division we see playing out on the world stage.

Instead, Venus and the Sun, together with Neptune in Pisces, are urging us to see with the eyes of the heart: to look beyond difference to what unites us (universal/humanitarian principles such as fairness, equality, fraternity and liberty for ALL, as embodied in the Age of Aquarius). It’s time to move past victim-perpetrator consciousness (represented by Mars & Neptune, which form a conjunction on June 11), which is a bottomless pit once you start to move in that direction (especially once certain people/groups start to compare wounds/traumas/war stories and compete to see who has been the most mistreated).

The energy of the eclipse is urging us to move closer towards a place of sovereignty and self-empowerment (Venus conjunct the Sun) so that we can free ourselves from the wheel of karma and the illusions of slavery/helplessness and control/domination that are the hallmarks of separation consciousness, duality and the 3D world. Both are forms of manipulation – the one, through fear; and the other, through guilt.

When it comes to transcending destructive emotions like fear, guilt and shame, as well as Orion-based ego structures rooted in power and domination, (often resulting in blocks/destructive beliefs in the will centre and the mental body) the only recourse is: acceptance, repentance/restitution, forgiveness and healing.

No problem is so deep that it cannot be overcome, given the will of all parties, through discussion and negotiation rather than force and violence.

Nelson Mandela

Remembering the actions and words of great peacekeepers like Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama can also help us keep on track and avoid the ego-based pitfalls of the blame game. As Ghandi once said: “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Instead, we need to remember that: “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” and “Apologies are for those that make them, not for those to whom they are made.”

Let your anger (Mars) at injustice motivate you to do things differently, to be the change you want to see in the world; and let your empathy for the weak teach you to be more humble, compassionate and less judgemental (Neptune) of others.

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