Maintaining our cool and perspective, and not falling for clickbait, sweet talk or passive aggressive attempts to draw us into conflict – these are just some of the themes of this week’s Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

The luminaries will be making a T-square to Mars, currently touring through sneaky and passive aggressive Pisces, which is causing subtle havoc, both in political circles and in relationships. Giving in to your hormones or passions will not get you the long-term happiness and respect you desire. In fact, quite the opposite. Rather the position of a retrograde Venus close to the Sun is emphasising the need to value your own worth and work on developing greater sovereignty and independence within the context of money, creativity and love.

The lesson of this eclipse is to avoid a return to old addictions or patterns of co-dependency. In fact, with Mercury making a positive aspect to earthy Uranus, by freeing yourself from outmoded ways of thinking about self-love, gender roles or family, you can open yourself up to new and exciting possibilities. It’s time to reinvent what love, nurturing and financial prosperity mean.

The Sagittarius Strawberry Moon also marks the start of Eclipse season 2.0 for 2020. See this as a gateway to the new karmic themes and collective issues slowly being introduced via the nodal shift from Gemini to Sagittarius that will start to bed in during the December eclipses.

For now, consider this Eclipse ‘shoulder season’ – an in-between time when many things are in flux, including our love lives, thanks to Venus retrograde.

To help us navigate through this rather tumultuous time, I have prepared a set of June Eclipse geoscopes for each zodiac sign – check yours out now on my YouTube channel!

Full Moon blessings.


Get ready for some serious smoke and mirrors as we head for Venus retrograde season, which begins on May 13 runs all the way to 25 June, which is one of the reasons why the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and creativity is going to spend so long in the sign of the twins.

Although this can be a time of second chances in love, particularly for twin flames and other separated lovers longing for reunion, this will also be a time of major tests, both of our powers of discrimination and of our willpower, thanks to a series of squares between Venus, Neptune and Mars.

We’ll get a taste of what these tests could potentially entail on May 4 when Venus makes the first of her three squares to romantic Neptune. Think back to June and September 2019 when Venus last made challenging aspects to the planet of magic and mirages.

My advice: Arm yourself with some firm resolve and a pair of X-Ray specs, because, like Eve and those unsuspecting sailors who came within earshot of the siren’s call, you’re about to be tempted – bigtime!

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Our second Venus-ruled Moon phase, the New Moon in earthy Taurus on April 23, encourages us to take pro-active steps to generate greater health and wellbeing by going back to basics  – eating well, getting physical exercise and spending time outdoors in the sun, fresh air, and nature.

Taking place in the 4th degree of Taurus (444 anyone?!), the Sabian symbol for which is ‘A Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow’ , this New Moon is also urging us to work on generating abundance in a new way – one that requires us to turn our normal conceptions of reality on their heads – a process that could prove challenging.

This seeming clash of paradigms, symbolised by the square between the luminaries and Uranus, to Saturn in his guise as patriarch and archon of linear time and mortality, is likely to create a fair amount of tension. Until we realise that Saturn and Uranus have a long history, and that both have more in common than may at first be apparent.

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April’s Full Moon in Libra (8.4.2020) has been dubbed the ‘Pink Supermoon.’ Pink is the colour of love and has strong symbolic ties to the planet Venus, goddess of romance and beauty whose energy will preside over the Easter 2020 waning moon phase.

In many ways, though, this Full Moon is about healing and restoring equality and balance to both close relationships and social connections. Let’s not forget that Venus also rules qualities like charm and politeness – all those pleasantries that oil the wheels of social interaction. Venus is in Gemini, so the focus is on using communication to improve relations with others, particularly on a one-to-one level.

Libra is the sign of Justice, hinting at the need for both more social equality as well as legal/personal restitution of some kind – either in the form of an apology or a restoration of a level playing field in which there is more equal give and take between two parties that are somehow bonded together, either through blood ties, a legal contract, romantic commitment or verbal agreement.

Justice in the rider waite tarot major arcana. Notice the swords (air element) and the scales (Libra) which hint at both fair decisions and a need for karmic rebalancing. This in many ways, hints at the Law of both Reciprocity and Cause & Effect – the law forces people who have committed wrongs to atone for their actions.

It is worth remembering that this is a Full Moon (a Supermoon at that – our third in a row!), so the Aries Sun will be opposite the Libra Moon, so both Venus (Libra) and Mars (Aries) energy will be strong.

As the cosmic archetypes of love and hate, war and peace, masculine and feminine creative energies, these two planets highlight the need to find a healthy balance between our individual needs and those of others; between our own pent-up feelings of frustration or seething resentment, on one hand, and our desire for heart-felt connection, on the other.

Right now, living peacefully with others might feel very challenging – many folks will be cooped up with the very people who trigger them emotionally for long periods of time – unable to get away – a source of tension/agitation that is being amped up by the Mars-Uranus square. While others will be feeling afraid that connection with others might lead to illness, or feel pushed into competition with others due to fears around a scarcity of resources.

Luckily, though, Venus and Mars will be making a minor grand trine to Chiron, the wounded healer, which means that the Libra Supermoon also has the potential to be a time of mending and healing – if people can learn to forgive/atone for past actions, overcome differences/coflicting needs, and find better ways to resolve conflict and work through their problems. No more running away or living in denial!

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We have collectively passed through a portal that may at first feel as though we have entered the looking glass – just like CS Lewis’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

However, as the philosopher Plato taught, what we think of as reality here on earth is actually a mirror image – an inversion – of how things really are in the spiritual dimensions.

As it has been doing since it entered Capricorn back in 2008, Pluto will slowly continue to undermine what we may have come to know and trust, particularly when it comes to established institutions and those in positions of authority. (For more on Pluto as the Truth teller and exposer of what’s hidden or covered up, see my video on Youtube about the background to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction)

This is the purpose of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which has activated a time when mental paradigms and beliefs will begin to shift, particularly as we discover the sometimes not so nice truth about who/what we thought we could trust.

As this process of revelation and unveiling starts to unfold, and everything we know gets turned on its head, we need to be patient and discerning.

Mercury is still detrimented in Pisces and is parting from a conjunction with illusory and tricksy Neptune, so not everything we learn or hear now will feel like – or be – the truth.

However, it’s sextiles to Pluto and Jupiter on Wednesday and Thursday will help us to tune into our internal GPS systems – our gut and intuition – in order to sort truth from fiction; fake news and propaganda from expose and whistleblowing.

Pluto and Jupiter are also urging us to get real and consider all possibilities – this is a time when it is wise to question everything, including our own biases and habitual assumptions – before finally settling on a judgement.

May the light of clarity and truth be with you!


Have you noticed the build-up of intensity this week as we head for what’s probably the second biggest transit of 2020 so far: wise and expansive Jupiter’s conjunction to powerful change agent Pluto.

From an astrological point of view, this marks a threshold – a major turning point for humanity – from one paradigm into another – one that is being marked out for us by Saturn’s three-year tour through idealistic and visionary Aquarius.

It’s no coincidence then, that this once-in-12 year event occurs just after the so-called 4-4-4 portal, which is all about grounding, mastery and manifestation – think Emperor energy in tarot terms.

See this as the next phase of the new 36-year cycle begun at the Saturn-Pluto conjunction back in January 10. This began the nigredo or blackening that marks the start of the alchemical process – this particular astrological event marks the mid-point of the nigredo – the moritificatio – what the alchemists referred to as ‘caput corvi’ – the head of the raven, which was often associated with images of decapitation, because it is the ego mind which is so often the true cause of our suffering. Carl Jung, who was a student of alchemy and someone not unfamiliar with depression, wrote that:

This card is a reference to Plato’s assertion that earthly life is actually an inversion – a mirror image or dim reflection of the true spiritual reality. In order to understand true reality, we need to turn things ‘on their heads’.

“Beheading is significant symbolically as the separation of the `understanding’ from the `great suffering and grief’ which nature inflicts on the soul. It is an emancipation of the `cogitatio‘ which is situated in the head, a freeing of the soul from the `trammels of nature.’ (i.e. of our human embodied condition]

In alchemical terms, then, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could be seen as a symbolic ‘cutting off the head – a call to let go of what we thought we knew, understand intellectually or believed to be true about how reality ‘works’. This is about revelation, which may involve an inversion of reality (ie a call to turn what we know ‘on its head’) – and an opening of our higher minds and hearts to the truth – both of who we really are and where we find ourselves collectively – and then acknowledging what needs to change in order for us to avert catastrophe and move forward collectively on a different path.

Notice the crown at the top of the tower, indicatign that what needs to change are our thoughts or ideas – our interpretations or assumptions – about situations, rather than the situation itself.

With Pluto in the mix, it’s entirely possible that certain power structures or socio-economic and cultural institutions may not come out of this period intact. On a personal level, don’t be surprised if you start to question some long-held attitudes, assumptions or philosophies, particularly those you have inherited from your family, culture or social background, which may not be resonating with you or external circumstances any longer. In tarot terms, this experience is associated with the Tower card, in which mental structures that are not built on solid ground are likely to topple when struck the lightning of unforeseen events. See my post on Saturn and the coronavirus on the Astroinsights blog where I discuss this imagery in more detail.

Unsurprisingly then, this aspect does have the potential to ramp up the drama and chaos being played out on the world stage – just something to bear in mind right now. However, this need not become overwhelming or knock you off-centre, provided you accept things as they are, stand in your truth, detach from your ego mind and switch off your reptilian brain, which tends to obsess, worry and loves to catastrophize. The important thing is to realize that where we are headed is going to be so much better than we where we have been – however, the process of getting there may involve some growing pains.

Wise and expansive Jupiter is urging us to find the silver lining in amongst all the Plutonian doom and gloom. And by shifting our perspective and giving yourself the space to see the bigger picture, you may well come to see that certain institutions and structures that make up the fabric of our daily lives may need to be swept away in order for something new, better – and less broken – to take their place.

The alchemists tells us that the goal of this process is enlightenment: the emergence of the ‘golden head’ – the awakening to our solar or higher consciousness that connects us to our spirit guides and spiritual essence, which exists beyond the limitations of the physical world of death, suffering and mortality – and is what will endure long after our physical bodies have given out. One text maps out the course of this process:

“The black which is the head of the art, the white which is the middle, and the red which brings all things to an end”

So, whatever you are experiencing now – just know that it has a purpose – is part of a much bigger process, more importantly, will not last forever. So just breathe, stay centred and if possible, join the mass meditation happening from 10:45pm Eastern Standard Time on April the 4th. For more information, visit:


The astrological year begins with a New Moon in courageous and pioneering Aries, signifying a time of new starts – if we can find the courage within us to overcome fear and habit, and do things differently. This positive and hopeful energy should feel noticeably different to the muted, somewhat downbeat, quite overwhelming mood that governed Pisces season – one that turned out to be particularly confusing and challenging, care of Mercury retrograde and the coronavirus fear pandemic that below up at the Virgo Supermoon.

Occurring just a few days after the March Equinox, this particular soli-lunar event will also have a strong Saturn signature, care of a sextile to the Aries Moon that happens right before New Moon. Having recently ingressed into Aquarius, Saturn will be emphasising the positive side of rules, limits and boundaries, particularly in the social sphere; from taking measures to keep ourselves and family safe, to observing social conventions and being mindful of our obligations to others in terms of our behaviour and actions (social distancing anyone?). What we witness now during the Aries Full Moon cycle will give us a feel for what trends are likely to become major themes during Saturn’s tour of Aquarius over the next three years. Watch my video forecast to learn more.

The proximity of the luminaries to Chiron & Black Moon Lilith is also likely to mark this particular two-week period out as being a moment when we can choose to heal some very old fear-based patterns arround scarcity, competition and survival – if we can bring ourselves to go deeper with our spiritual practices and do a little introspection whilst in self-isolation. It’s all about making brave choices now – do we stay stuck in fear and anxiety, or are we courageous enough to consider that this shake-up could actually be the perfect opportunity to do things differently in the future?

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Saturn in Aquarius: Ending the Disconnection Epidemic?

The irony of the tech revolution has been that the more connected we are via social media, smartphones and other digital platforms, the more disconnected and lonely many people feel.

In my latest forecast, I look at what’s behind the so-called ‘disconnection epidemic’, including the trend towards online, rather than ‘human to human’ communication, and what’s been called the ‘attention capitalism’ model used by social media platforms.

I then consider Saturn’s ingress into altruistic and humanitarian Aquarius and make some predictions (together with the coronavirus) may be about to change all of that.

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Courage in the face of Fear: March Equinox 2020

Tired of the depressed, fearful, overwhelming energy of Pisces season? Then fear not – Aries season, which begins at the Equinox on 20 March 2020 – will help you get your mojo and focus back! It’s time to be hopeful and brave, despite any nagging fears – and for fresh starts.

Find out about the exciting and expansive energies coming into play at the start of the astrological new year, including the ingress of Saturn into Aquarius and what it could mean for the collective over the next two years.

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Exercising Discernment: SuperMoon in Virgo

As we head towards next week’s Supermoon in health-conscious Virgo, it’s possible that we could also see a spike in mass hysteria with regard to the coronavirus.

This is because the Sun will be orbiting close to nebulous Neptune, which can lead to wild speculation and flights of fancy – or a spike in nameless fears concerning what we feel we can’t contain or prevent from invading our carefully-maintained boundaries.

Here the sensible Virgo Moon, together with Jupiter and Pluto in pragmatic and resilient Capricorn, will be urging us to exercise a degree of discernment with regards to what we believe or hear, especially on social media. This is very much in keeping with the Blitz spirit of ‘Keep calm nd carry on’.

While it is always a good idea to take sensible precautions and follow health advice, this earth-sign combination suggests that we shouldn’t fall prey to the fear contagion; and instead, have a bit more faith in the institutional structures, procedures and preventative measures that have been put in place, as well as our own robust constitutions, to withstand any potential survival threat.

In general, this particular Moon phase bodes rather well for the next two weeks, offering us a chance for positive expansion and major internal – and collective – shifts.

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