Coming Home: Venus in Taurus

Venus, planet of love, creativity and abundance, will ingress into earthy and fertile Taurus on 5 March. The shift from her detrimented position in Aries to her ‘throne’ in Taurus will be marked.

Advice for leveraging this energy include:

  • Take things slow – no need to rush. Take your time and be methodical when it comes to money plans and new relationships. Think Knight of Pentacles energy.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel – Tried and tested methods, and old-fashioned/traditional processes forcreating, courting or earning the coins are the way to go.
  • Stability and consistency are key – get grounded and keep steadily plugging away at things. Persistence and patience will yield results.

This is wonderfully abundant and stable energy, which should come as a relief after the vampy, but rather me-centered energy of Aries.

It’s time to come home to the natural expression of Venus on the earth plane – beauty, warmth, pleasure and sensuality. This is a time when the seeds you planted at the solar eclipse on Dec 26 are likely to start bearing fruit.

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Going with the Flow: New Moon in Pisces

February’s New Moon takes place in sensitive and mystical sign of the fishes.

Occuring at both the height of Pisces – AND Mercury retrograde – season, this new lunar cycle offers us the chance to slow down, go within and release any residual emotions or left-over baggage from January’s purge (or Supermoon drama) while the pace of life is slower and we have more space for downtime.

It’s also a great time to go on retreat or visit a spa – spending time in nature, especially near water will help you to recharge your batteries and recalibrate your inner compass before the action and pace of Aries season begins.

Finetuning your intuition and seeing past situations in a more positive light are two of the gifts of this particular waxing moon phase, thanks to the Jupiter-Neptune sextile.

If you’re in danger of losing momentum or being sucked back into old addictive patterns of behaviour or toxic situations due to loneliness, fear or hopelessness, the good news is that a Mars-Uranus trine – which factors into this month’s New Moon – is designed to restore our faith in the cosmos and help to keep us all on track with regards to eclipse goals or New Year’s Resolutions.

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Making Dreams Come True: Jupiter-Neptune

On 20-2-2020, Jupiter and Neptune are set to come together for their first sextile aspect of 2020. And what a cracker it is!

This is the first major meeting of the planets of dreams and beliefs since 2019’s series of disillusioning square aspects, which brought many people face to face with their own addictions, weaknesses, false beliefs, cognitive dissonance and inflated judgements.

Think back to mid-January, mid-June and the September Equinox of 2019 when these influences peaked for clues as to what you may now be transmuting from negative to positive. (For a recap of the main features of the Jupiter-Neptune squares check out my September blog post.)

The main overall theme back then was discernment – how to distinguish real from fake, and to learn to tell the difference between genuine spiritual guidance and sound beliefs, on one hand vs. quick fix quackery, escapist delusions and sensationalist superstition, on the other.

This time around, Jupiter and Neptune will be making a dynamic and cooperative sextile aspect = good news! See this as a chance to make something positive come from last year’s crisis of faith. It’s time to find the rainbows and silver linings – the nuggets of wisdom – in last year’s mirages and storm clouds.

Use this fanastically expansive and uplifting transit to really fine-tune your intuition, break out of your funk of apathy or disillusionment, and explore the creative power of your imagination.

Miracles really can occur now if you can bring yourself to believe that they are possible – and find grounded and constructive ways to manifest them on the earth plane.

Keep going: Mars into Capricorn

On Sunday, Mars will ingress into ambitious Capricorn where it’ll remain until the end of March.

Use this exalted combination to further your goals and make tangible progress towards building that empire you so desire, or those plans you set into motion at the Capricorn solar eclipse back in December 2019.

The key is to think long-term, make a plan and then execute it with discipline and consistency. If you take concrete action now, you can accomplish great things. And more importantly, things that have staying power.

As I said in my Full Moon forecast, Mars is likely to be our saving grace during 2020 Pisces season. With Mercury also retrograde in said sign, the way forward could become a little unclear.

However, the message from Mars is: No matter how murky or confusing things get in your mind, just keep moving forward. Determination and slow, steady progress are what will help you get through what could otherwise turn into a tiring and doubt-riddled period.

Swiming Upstream: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Get ready for Mercury Retrograde! The planet of travel, negotiations, intellect and communications is set to reverse direction for the first time this year between 17 February and 10 March. ⁠

Many of us will remember the last two retrogrades through water signs in June and November 2019, and how much havoc and confusion they wreaked with people’s emotions. ⁠

Now, with Mercury in nebulous Pisces – the sign of its fall – we could see the word ‘surreal’ being taken to a whole new level! ⁠

Pisces is not known for clarity or good boundaries, so you’ll want to double check every fact and cross every ‘t’ when it comes to research/reports/offers/contracts.⁠

This retrograde is all about exploring your spirituality and creativity. It is also about learning to discern between intuition, on one hand, and the mirages created by our fears and traumas, on the other. ⁠

Spending time meditating each day is the simplest and fastest way to get in tune with your internal GPS, so that you can tell gut responses from knee-jerk reactions.⁠ It also opens up liminal mental space in which you can receive inspiration and divine guidance. The key is to practise some Virgoan discernment so that you are able to sift the wheat from the chaff, and workout what you can actualy use/apply in your life, and what is simply wishful thinking or navel gazing.

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Happy V Day!

Fierce & Fiesty: Venus in Aries

Planet of love, creativity and luxury, Venus ingressed into Aries on 7 February where she’ll remain until early March 2020.

This shift in energy from romantic, fairytale Pisces to fiery and self-assured Aries is likely to colour the month of love with bright, bold red brushstrokes.

Out is the maiden/damsel-in-distress waiting for her knight in shining armour to grace her with his attention/shower her with gifts. Instead, the feminine romantic archetype is choosing to put self-awareness, self-love and self-respect first. Self-love has never looked so sexy!

This newfound sense of purpose and direction means that the feminine archetype, much like Joan of Arc, will not be afraid to wield the sword of truth where necessary in order to clarify her boundaries or cut out any BS/energy leakage/time wasters from her reality. This is fierce, feisty cardinal fire energy at its most unapologetic.

Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2020!

In many ways, Venus’ ingress is a continuation of the themes of feminine empowerment begun with Black Moon Lilith’s ingress into Aries, leading to the healing of some deep and very old wounds concerning misogyny and the misuse/abuse of feminine sexuality, via a healing dance with shaman centaur, Chiron.

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Glowing-up after Growing up: Supermoon in Leo

This weekend, a supermoon in Leo could bring a touch of glamour, playfulness or drama your way.

Coinciding with the Oscars, this is big, extroverted, but also potentially a little crazy energy. With Mars in the mix, and a Sabian symbol that hints at some possible giddiness, it’s possible that things could get a little out of hand if we don’t reign ourselves in.

On the plus side, it’s a great time to let down your hair, have some fun and potentially lap up some praise for a creative job well done.

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Black Moon Lilith into Aries

Black Moon Lilith is an astrological point of power, much like the lunar nodes that represents the place in the Moon’s elliptical orbit that is furthest away from the Earth during the synodic month.

She represents the archetype of wild, untamed feminine power – the part that is often simultaneously feared, admired and villified. I have come to know her as the snake/dragon goddess.

In astrology, she reveals both our hidden power and our shadow sides: our inner witch, seductress and elemental, instinctual nature, but also our inner bitch, schemer and manipulator.

As a lunar archetype, she shares similarities with the south node (Ketu in Vedic astrology). However, rather than representing karma, she instead represents those areas where we tend to self-destruct or need to develop emotional maturity.

This month, Black Moon Lilith will ingress into Aries, where she will continue her year-long intimate dance with Chiron, the centaur associated with the (male) shaman or wounded healer, which has been ongoing since September 2019.

On one hand, this has the potential to be a very healing and empowering time, particularly in relatinships. It’s great for stepping into your sexual power, becoming more in tune with your body, accessing your inner healing wisdom or learning to trust your instincts. Using rage to motivate you into enforcing your boundaries better or leaving behind toxic relationship patterns is a positive expression of this energy.

On the other hand, this transit, which lasts until 21 October, could be quite triggering for some. Projection of shadow emotions such as rage, spite or the need to fight or dominate others, is a distinct possibility, especially when it comes to relationships. Passive aggressive behaviour is another way this energy could work negatively.

The key to navigating this transit successfully is to own your bullshit and take responsibility for your emotions.

Practising mindfulness so you don’t act out unconsciously, finding constructive ways to assert your emotional needs and developing good psychological boundaries are important, especially when others try to project their stuff onto you.

Finding cathartic outlets for destructive emotions like anger through exercise or visiting a rage room are also good ideas.

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Aquarius New Moon: Finding Your Tribe

Friday’s Aquarius New Moon marks the start of a more emotionally detached, collaborative four week cycle that urges us to focus on connection, collaboration and community.

This brand new cycle will draw a line under the emotionally intense energy of the last two weeks that began with the Cancer Lunar Eclipse on January 10 2020. See this move from water to air energy as an opportunity to detach a little from the emotional depths of the subconcious and take a helicopter view of situations.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign associated with team effort, philanthropy, idealism as well as friendship and group efforts. See this as your green light to seek out more likeminded individuals with whom you resonate. It’s time to live more in line with your values and principles – and to identify where you can use your unique talents or perspectives to benefit the wider world.

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