Life is always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.”  – Paulo Coehlo

One of the main characteristics of Astrology is its ability to bestow time with different qualities. The cycles of the planets and their interaction with each other, the earth and our own individual life stages and rites of passage, is a very powerful way of making sense of, and giving meaning to, any given moment.

Over the course of a year, the solstices and equinoxes of the Sun mark out the changing of the seasons, which affect not only our moods but also our choice of activities. Anyone who has ever worked in the emergency services around the Full Moon will tell you this is true! On a smaller scale, the Moon’s phases create the cycles of the month, which colour our actions and moods, but also, to a larger extent, affect the biorhtyms of our bodies, and provide a certain continuity to everyday life. Have you ever noticed how new work, projects and opportunities tend to come your way at New Moon, while matters tend to a reach a climax, peak or conclusion at Full Moon.

The planets also make aspects to each other. All of this astrological activity can yield a surprising amount of information about the general cultural mood or ‘zeitgeist’, as well as help chart the path of certain worldwide trends which stand to affect us all.

Of course, nothing beats a personal, one-to-one reading with an astrologer who can help you to tune into your own individual cycles and personal rhythms. Discovering where you are in relation to your own natal chart can be a very powerful experience, helping you to reorientate yourself and create meaning from the cosmic events and planetary patterns in your own life.

To help you get in sync with the cosmos, I offer a combination of:

  • FREE occasional Astro-Insights  – astrology predictions which include eclipse forecasts every six months or so,  as well as the occasional look at the current cosmic weather in order to give people a taste of what the planets are doing. These you can also find links to on my social media pages.
  • PERSONALISED readings and bespoke astrology reports – these look at your UNIQUE personal astrology chart and how this interacts with the planetary cycles

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