As we head into December, our outlook begins to lighten, a process begun at the big reveal that was the Gemini Lunar Eclipse, which made us aware of any confusion, limiting beliefs or information overload that may have been cluttering up our thought processes and clouding our judgement. As a result, the aha moments may have started to unfold – especially concerning unresolved experiences or situations that may have been confounding you since June.

Now, as Mercury begins it lightning-fast tour through upbeat and expansive Sagittarius, good news begins to arrive, leading to raised hopes that an end to current restrictions may soon be in sight. Although this injection of positive yang energy serves as a much-needed boost of morale, we must be careful not to tip over into the territory of intellectual inflation, verbal hyperbole or boom economics. It’s worth pausing to remember that Sagittarius is a position where Mercury is considered to be in detriment.

Rather than don rose-coloured specs or rush to make 2 + 2 equal 5, we are instead being challenged to zoom out: to truly open up and elevate our perspectives in order to take in the bigger picture. This involves adopting synergistic thinking: seeing the patterns of the parts – a masculine, logical, left brain activity – but within the context of the whole – a practice more in keeping with the more fluid, poetic, feminine right-brain.

“Looking but not seeing is the hearing but not understanding of the eye.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

In this way, we avoid the traps of judgement, opinion and myopia, and instead, remain firmly focused on the greater good as well as the longer term. In other words, we are being challenged not only to see – and truly understand – what’s right in front us – but also to imagine the potential it holds: what things could become in the future. And to do it in a non-critical or overly sentimental way.

Here the Sabian symbol of the recent Gemini Full Moon is worth keeping in mind because it speaks of Sagittarian aspiration – the tendency of the Archer to reach for the stars – to aim his bow and arrow at a lofty target but also to stay grounded and look at where he/she is going, so that they don’t trip over what’s right in front of them – a molehill that has the potential to turn into a mountain if overlooked or viewed without the benefit of context.

Here, I am reminded of a phenomenon I only discovered in April or May of this year – something called the Stockdale Paradox, which in a nutshell, talks about the need to balance optimism with realism to avoid the downsides of Jupiter: delusional thinking, self-righteousness, over-confidence and dangerous risk-taking.

This concept is named after James Stockdale, a former vice-presidential candidate and naval veteran who was held captive and tortured during the Vietnam war for over seven years. Afterwards, he stated that what got him through the experience was holding this paradox in his mind:

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

James Stockdale

And herein lies the beauty – and wisdom – of Jupiter in Saturn-ruled Capricorn – a position that the planet of luck and expansion has held all year. As it comes to the end of it’s stay in this stoic, determined and pragmatic sign, ready for its ingress into airy and futuristic Aquarius on December the 19th, it is worth pausing for a minute to consider what it has taught us during 2020 about being resilient and coping through life’s ups and downs without losing hope that things will one day get better.

If we bear this truth in mind, we are far more likely to make progress during Mercury’s 20-day tour through Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius than might otherwise be the case. So expect the best but prepare for the worst – don’t hide your head in the sand but instead, tackle whatever problems arise – cheerfully and with the full expectation that you will find a solution in the end, however bad things may seem right now. This is more than foresight – it is true grit and substance – a truly formidable and unstoppable combination.

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Get ready for a major cosmic gear shift as we move into the corridor of 2020’s final eclipse season – and what a powerhouse it is!

Much like it’s cosmic twin, the June Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Novembers Beaver Full Moon is the very last lunar eclipse of 2020. In many ways, this soli-lunar event serves as a cosmic bridge, connecting us to both past (the last six months) and future (2021 and beyond), helping us to finally get clarity on situations or conundrums that may have been eluding us since Gemini season.

See the two weeks of the waning moon cycle as your opportunity to integrate, consolidate and clear out any psychic or karmic clutter left over from Gemini season, including the Gemini New Moon, and the lunar eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius that followed.

It is also helping us to lay the groundwork for 2020’s dramatic finale – the December solar eclipse in Sagittarius; and the much talked about Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that happens a week later on Dec 21 – smack, bang on the day of the solstice! I have been talking about this event since March – and that’s because, in many ways, it marks the start of the Aquarian Age, so get ready to move into the galactic era in a big way!

The good news that as we move into Sagittarius season, and the corridor of this lunar eclipse (which lasts for at least the duration of the waning moon cycle), we also head into a much more harmonious period with regards to love, money and creativity, thanks, in large part, to the ingress of Venus into sultry Scorpio on Nov 21.

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Venus’ tour though Libra may have been one big drama or disappointment, but wait until she enters sexy Scorpio on November 21 – the very same day that Sagittarius season gets underway – and a date that marks a decided uptick in the overall cosmic energies. ⁠

As you can probably see from the incredible line-up (above) of positive aspects that the planet of the divine feminine will make during her whistle stop tour through the sign of animal magnetism, deeply rooted passions and laser sharp intuition, situations or matters relating to love, money and beauty/art are sure to sizzle during December.

In the meantime, it’s probably best to accept any current difficulties or lulls as a temporary but necessary reboot when it comes to feeling valued both within relationships, and when it comes to getting paid what you’re worth – either at work or in exchange for your creative efforts and abilities.

Using this period as an opportunity to recalibrate may not be fun, but it will DEFINITELY pay off in December. So don’t be afraid to really do the work – whether it’s a do-over of relationships, boundary-setting or just getting clear about what’s really important to you.

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After a week of dramatic shifts and major pivot points, it’s time to make a few adjustments.

As the planet of love, abundance and self-worth glides through her last week in the sign of the scales, she’ll be confronted by the three outer planets in Capricorn, during which time we will all be forced to ask ourselves: ‘Do the books balance?,’ in all senses of the word.

A series of squares between Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn, and Venus in Libra will also be asking you to reassess personal values, boundaries and power dynamics within key financial or creative situations and close relationships to make sure that everything is fair, just and equitable.

Is there mutual reciprocity? Do you feel valued by others, and vice versa? Do you still share the same core beliefs and values? Do you want the same things? Or are you now on different pages from some people in your life?

The good news is that as this happens, the Sun, fresh from its conjunction at New Moon, will form positive aspects to both Jupiter and Saturn, helping to counteract any potential doubts or feelings of alienation, self-pity or unworthiness with a dose of calm confidence and inner conviction – suggesting that you will intuitively know the answers to these questions by the way you feel inside, particularly in your heart and solar plexus.

Do you feel as if you are coming into greater alignment with your sense of personal truth, integrity and self-respect? If so, then take this as your guide and compass. Know too, that while some connections may now naturally fade into the background, others are likely to grow, strengthen and in some cases, new connections may also start to come in for you, particularly once we move into Sagittarius season, which happens at the end of the week. This is the Law of Resonance.

Surprise news, shocking plot twists and abrupt endings related to travel, communication and technology could also occur on Tuesday as Mercury opposes Uranus. You’ll need to employ a lot of patience and tact to avoid stubborn stand-offs or mental tussles. Expect possible tension or anxiety levels to temporarily spike as you adjust to sudden surges of electrical activity or incoming information from unexpected sources within your mental body or upper chakras.

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Forward momentum, healing and the return of hope – these are three big themes likely to make headlines at the Scorpio New Moon on November 15.

Taking place within days of the hugely transformative energy of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12th, this New Moon in many ways, is about regaining perspective, bridging divides and healing wounds through a mixture of truth-telling, compassion, empathy and forgiveness – qualities that we’re likely to see being expressed once again by those in positions of power, starting with Joe Biden.

Indeed, finding meaning in the many difficult and tragic twists and turns that 2020 has brought our way, is one of the gifts of Jupiter, which has played it fairly low key this year – apart from it’s occasional nods to Neptune and Pluto in April, June-July and October-November.

Now, however, as we gradually make the transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius season (Nov 21), with its eclipses in Gemini-Sag and the ingress of Jupiter into Aquarius on Dec 19, ready for it’s supercharged conjunction with Saturn at the solstice, that fizzy and ebullient optimism and gift for seeing the bright side which Jupiter is known for, will begin to gradually emerge from the shadows. A trend highlighted by a set of grounding sextiles between the New Moon and the stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – with Mars turning direct in hotheaded Aries on Nov 14, and Venus making a tense square to Pluto on Nov 15th – the day of the New Moon – it’s possible that we may first need to find ways to constructively deal with the release of pent-up frustration and anger that may have been bubbling away below the surface during Mars retrograde and Scorpio season.

Here, ongoing contacts between the luminaries and compassionate Neptune should help to facilitate flow and help us overcome resistance, encouraging us to practise forgiveness and surrender in order to find inner peace, especially when it comes to situations or events that are beyond our control.

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Today we reach the third and final pass of 2020’s second-most dramatic transit – the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in serious and determined Capricorn.

Interestingly, all three of these transits occurred during periods of very strongly Mars-themed energy:

  1. On April 5th (a day after the 444 gateway) – just days after the Spring Equinox (March 20th) when the Sun ingressed into Aries and Mars made contacts to both Jupiter (March 20th) and Pluto (March 23rd).
  2. On June 30th – a day after Mars ingressed into Aries for the first time (and the Moon was in Scorpio – the night rulership of the red planet). This also fell into the corridor between the June Solstice Solar Eclipse and July’s Rose Moon lunar eclipse.
  3. On 12 Nov – just 2 days before Mars turns direct in Aries on November 14th.

One of the overriding messages of this planetary triple act then, seems to be one of learning to control and channel our animal passions or anger – much like the Strength card in the tarot trumps which uses the metaphor of taming the fiery energy of the solar lion…

As the final chapter of this three-part drama, the November conjunction is all about integration and consolidation – a time to confirm decisions or conclude changes (or intentions) set in motion around the 2020 Spring Equinox surrounding our core beliefs and spiritual values. In other words, getting clear on our beliefs and priorities: what we consider to be truly important to us. eg Being liked or being true to our beliefs.

It may also be a time of karmic clearing and purging, both on a personal and collective level – letting go of toxic patterns or beliefs; as well as a major pivot point on humanity’s forward trajectory as lies are revealed and outworn cultural or power structures are finally shed.

Although potentially dramatic and uncomfortable, growth is the name of the game. And what could be more transformative and expansive than standing in one’s truth and power?

To find out more about the intense astrology of this week, check out my latest videocast on IGTV.


This week, we enter the strange world of repeating numbers, telluric twinges and intoxicating, often intense encounters, as we head towards the energetic vortex or gateway known as the 11:11 portal.

This gateway centres around to powerful themes:

  1. Emotions (symbolised numerologically by the number 2 = the moon) and our very human desire for authentic heart connections – a topic highlighted for us during Libra season by the October Harvest and Libra lunar phases.
  2. The need to cultivate self-empowerment, dignity and self-respect, as signified by the Master number 11, which is, numerologically-speaking, like a double dose of 1 energy – very solar in nature – qualities emphasised by this week’s powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

Astrologically speaking, the 2020 gateway is bookmarked by some pretty powerful energy, including a Venus-Mars opposition on Nov 10, forcing us to reconcile our sexual desires and passions with core values, personal sovereignty and a healthy dose of self-worth, as well as the third and final iteration of the seismic Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Nov 12.

The latter transit is all about karmic purging, healing and reorienting our beliefs, as well as transforming the way we perceive reality, so that we are better able to align with the changing paradigms and power structures we are moving towards as a collective – a process that will culminate in December with Jupiter and Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius.

As you will see if you watch my 11:11 videocast, this is also a time of purging, healing crises and major shifts when we begin to integrate and consolidate all we have learned since the 444 gateway back in April , including that seminal period in May and June when Venus Retrograde forced many of us to face up to patterns of addiction, numbing out/escapism and co-dependency within the sphere of romantic relationships and finances.

Find out what to expect from this week astrologically in my latest YouTube forecast.

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As Mercury heads for its second square to Saturn today, the need for restraint with regards to inflammatory language becomes ever more important, especially once the Cancer Moon joins the dynamic in the early hours of Saturday morning. This is when poisonous words and paranoid thoughts can potentially become contagious.

With Pluto also lurking, invisible cloak on, in the background close to Saturn, the key message right now should be: “Handle with care, lest you open up Pandoras box…” Think of the Greek Erinyes, or indeed, the verse from the Babylonian Hebrew prophet, Ezekiel that Samuel L Jackson so famously quoted in Pulp Fiction.

Once it gets past Saturn’s rings, however, the planet of thought, communication and travel begins to gain speed. As it does so, it heads back towards its second ingress into perceptive Scorpio on Nov 10 – just before the 11:11 gateway (all about emotions and relationships) and the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (pivot points and big shifts) since the 444 gateway that’s due to take place on November 12th.

Once again, this will signal that it’s time to reconnect with our inner shaman and go deep into our roots. And indeed, spending time on the inner planes is a very positive way to utilise this deep and potentially ‘fertilising’ time, as the I Ching woudl say.

With the Sun contacting a retrograde Neptune on Nov 10th, seeing past distortions to the heart of things, and balancing light and dark within ourselves, will be a key theme that returns to the forefront – just as it did in mid-October at the Libra Full Moon. However, with Venus set to begin her tiffs with Mars and the outer planets on Monday, you may find yourself wanting to withdraw from the world temporarily in order to regain/maintain inner your equilibrium.

Actively choosing to use the rest of November for healing, integration and regeneration on all levels, both personal and social, will help to prepare you for 2020’s final (and rather dramatic) eclipse season, which begins on November 30. More to come on that soon…


It’s probably fair to say that the opening half of November is likely to be pretty chaotic and changeable.

Not only does Mercury station on the day of the US Elections in the sign of the law, justice and politics but it will also swing between the double whammy of not one but two squares to Saturn, planet of time, old age, patriarchy and karma in conservative Capricorn all in the space of a week!

These prohibitive aspects on Nov 1 (retrograde) and Nov 6 (direct) could prove procedurally problematic, especially with regards to mail ballots and vote counting – the astrology certainly looks as though there will be delays, errors as well as court challenges.

As if that weren’t enough, the 2020 US Election election will also key into the energies of the Halloween Blue Moon, with its links to rabble-rousing Uranus and the June 5 lunar eclipse, adding an air of turbulence and uncertainty to the two week period of the waning moon cycle that takes us to mid-November. The so-called ‘October Surprise’ may yet have one final plot twist up its sleeve!

On the plus side, this does look as though, despite COVID, this election is likely to boast voter turnout numbers not seen in more than a century!

To find out more, check out my article on the AstroInsights blog and the accompanying geomancy videocast on YouTube.


The Hunter’s Moon on Oct 31 is unusual for a number of reasons. Not only will it be a blue moon, but it also features an exciting but unpredictable conjunction between the Taurus Moon and planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus. The result? Plot twists, unexpected developments and breakthroughs of all kinds.

An exalted Moon also paves the way for positive developments and opportunities for greater abundance and wellbeing that may appear, almost out of nowhere, but are actually the result of the seeds you planted back in April at the Taurus New Moon. If you have been watering and nurturing those intentions or projects over the last few months, with seemingly little to show for it, then hold onto your hat – they may suddenly pay off now, which could take you completely by surprise.

This is a great time to break out of an emotional rut, kick an unhealthy habit or press the reset button when it comes to connections, cash or lifestyle. With both Mercury and Mars currently retrograde, and the Sun in penetrating Scorpio, it’s a great time to reassess your priorities and identify areas of your life that may need a bit of cleaning up.

Brother and sister planets, Mercury and Venus will also travelling quite closely together: both will ingress into Libra on October 28. As a result, the next few weeks of the waning moon cycle may also be a time to reassess with whom – and how – you connect and communicate.

If anything feels off-centre or out of balance, then now may be a good time to make some changes to ensure greater equality, fairness or reciprocity between you and others, or indeed, between you and communication tools like smartphones or technology platforms such as social media.

This was a strong message that came through in my videocast for the Hunter’s Moon on YouTube, as was the advent of disruptive technology designed to prepare us for the 21st century and the arrival of the Aquarian Age in December. Check it out now to get the scoop on what to expect from this rare and quirky Full Moon.

Paired with the Moon and Uranus, it’s also possible that this planetary line-up may lead to some personal awakenings and romantic wake-up calls between now and mid-November. This was certainly a big theme in the Hunter’s Moon Relationship Reading I did on YouTube recently, so check it out if this message resonates with you.

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