Get ready for the last eclipse of 2018!


After an intense and emotional period following the Blood Moon eclipse,  its time to press the reset button on personal goals, creative projects and matters of the heart for the next six months.

Be warned though: in many respects, this eclipse is also about examining – and possibly altering – the way you think and express yourself, care of  the involvement of a retrograde Mercury. But then, if you think about it, the only way to truly change you reality is to change your thought-patterns and what you put out into the world via your communications…after all, thoughts become things!

While it is not without it’s challenges, a major grand trine involving bright star, Sirius offers us all a chance to reconnect with our braver, more courageous and wiser selves – and to receive many blessings and profound cosmic teachings, if we are open to guidance from above/within, whichever way you refer to see it….

To find out more about the astrology of the Lion’s Gate Solar Eclipse, read my eclipse forecast.

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