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November 2015 Astro-Insights

The end of October/beg of November is traditionally a time when many parts of the world celebrate Halloween, which is thought to have its roots in a number of ancient pagan festivals designed to commemorate dead ancestors and celebrate the death of important people. This period has come to be seen as the ideal window in which to practise divination because it is considered to be a liminal time when the “veil” between the human and spirit worlds is thought to become thin. With this in mind, I find it fascinating that on Halloween weekend, there is a Sun-Neptune trine and a lot of lunar aspects happening in water signs (you can read more about it on my Facebook page). Read more about what to expect from November.

July 2013 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for July 2013… July Astro-Insights Blog Given all the fever around the impending royal birth, I have decided to devote this month’s Astro-Insights blog to predicting the possible arrival date of the third in line to the English throne. To read more, visit: If you’d like to read my previous Astro-Insights …

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January 2013 Astro-Insights

Your Monthly Guide to the Astrological Weather for January 2013… Review of Last Month This section originally contained an article about the November-December 2012 eclipses and the announcement of the royal pregnancy. However,  it had slowly taken on a life of it’s own, so I have dedicated a whole new blog to it.  Blog article …

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