Course Correction: Mars Trine Pluto

On 25 August 2023, Mars and a retrograde Pluto will form a rare and powerful trine aspect to each other in earth signs, signalling one of the best opportunities this year to introduce swift and wide-ranging structural reforms and/or implement a ‘system rewrite’. Great news if you’re wanting to improve your health, or make a …

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Keep going: Mars into Capricorn

On Sunday, Mars will ingress into ambitious Capricorn where it’ll remain until the end of March. Use this exalted combination to further your goals and make tangible progress towards building that empire you so desire, or those plans you set into motion at the Capricorn solar eclipse back in December 2019. The key is to …

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Black Moon Lilith into Aries

Black Moon Lilith is an astrological point of power, much like the lunar nodes that represents the place in the Moon’s elliptical orbit that is furthest away from the Earth during the synodic month. She represents the archetype of wild, untamed feminine power – the part that is often simultaneously feared, admired and villified. I …

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Mercury Retrograde & the Spectre of a Halloween Brexit

Halloween 2019 will be especially spooky: not only will Mercury be turning retrograde in scary Scorpio on October the 31st, but thanks to ongoing Parliamentary hi-jinks between Boris Johnson’s ragtag government and a bellicose, rebellious Parliament, the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit continues to loom large. As we saw back in February-March, when Mercury retrograded …

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Telling Real from Fake: Jupiter-Neptune Redux

Get ready for the final pass of 2019’s most tricksy and challenging transit: the mutable square between Jupiter and Neptune. This is your final test to see whether you have finally mastered the art of discerning real from fake, truth from lies. Luckily, this time around, Mars and Pluto will be there to help us to ‘keep it real’ and stay focused on where we want to go, despite any temptations to fly off to Never Never Land…READ MORE

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