Choice and chance meet at the March 2021 Sugar Moon.

Taking place in relationship-oriented Libra, and just two days after Venus cazimi, which I’ve been talking about since mid-February, this particular full moon places the focus firmly on connections of all kinds. With the Sun and Venus still in close proximity, the chances of reunions and reconnections with loved ones is a distinct possibility.

Add to that healing Chiron, who will be acting as go-between, mediator or matchmaker between these two planets, and you have the perfect recipe for mending rifts and ending separations.

As if that weren’t enough, both the luminaries will be making positive contacts to steady Saturn, the planet of karma, and the lunar nodes, suggesting fated meetings and important developments, some of which may happen quite quickly, thanks to the presence of Mars in Gemini close to the north node.

In fact, this rather eventful two week period could culminate in a major cosmic juncture or karmic crossroads during which you may be given the chance to jump timelines or head off in a brand new direction – no bad thing if you feel as though you’ve wandered off course recently.

One thing does seem certain: whatever goes down during this waning moon cycle, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself faced with important decisions, some of which could have repercussions for some time to come.

So listen carefully and choose wisely!

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